My Friends Are Jerks

friends jerk zipper - 8378027008
Created by CrazyCalvinWilliams

What a Relief!

jeans zipper - 7799403264
Created by Unknown

Y U NO Stay Zipped?

hot girls beach true story zipper - 7242118400
Created by brizian

Who Invented This Stupid Thing Anyway?

jacket zipper - 7158249728
Created by buunnq

XYZ, Bro!

wtf zipper idiots - 3372521984
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ouch scar tattoo zipper - 6941532928
Created by Jebstat

Google Why!

balls gross Rage Comics zipper - 6155712512
Created by rafa trufa ( Via )

Should Have Seen That Coming

bathroom embarassing girls guys Rage Comics Sad zipper - 6181341952
Created by Unknown

I Have the Most Awkward Zipper Right Now

Awkward costume wtf zipper - 6135016960
Created by Unknown

You're Going to Have a Bad Time

burnt dryer FUUUUU metal Rage Comics zipper - 6153275648
Created by Unknown

How Long Have I Lived Like This?!?!

bathroom fly socially awkward penguin zipper - 5832613376
See all captions Created by Unknown

Zip Your Tongue

tongue wtf zipper - 5540890112
Created by nigthmare


hilarious kilts sheep zipper - 5181200128
Created by Rakonat

I Won't Let Them See My Tears

faptimes ouch poker face Rage Comics Y U No Guy zipper - 4966161664
Created by Unknown

Zipper Pond

bricks garden wtf zipper - 4952086272
Created by -Ghost-


celebration congrats Memes Office women zipper - 4844661248
Created by KillazInc
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