Logan Paul signs with WWE, Wrestling

Logan Paul Signs With WWE, Continues His Redemption Arc

Remember when Logan Paul was one of the most hated men on the internet? Well, while we're sure he's still generously hated, we're learning that the YouTuber has managed to rack up quite a few fans, especially in the wrestling community. And it seems like they're very pleased to learn that he just signed with WWE. The multi-event deal will extend into 2023, and will likely bring in a whole lot of sweet pay-per-view bucks.
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Abba Remix Has Millennials and Old Viral Internet Stars Getting Nostalgic on TikTok and It’s Absolutely Earth-Shattering

Abba Remix Has Millennials and Old Viral Internet Stars Getting Nostalgic on TikTok and It’s Absolutely Earth-Shattering

I bet you didn't know meme stars like the “I like turtles” kid, peanut butter baby, and “slippery lil snek” guy ARE FULL GROWN ADULTS NOW.
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Daft And Demented YouTube Thumbnails That Someone Really Sat Down And Made

Talk about clickbait
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Horror At “Vlogger Kit” Play Set Prompts Debate About Kids Toys and Aspirational Jobs

While many universal childhood memories change based on what generation that you belong to, one thing that has almost always stayed the same is being asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?”. It’s pretty much a rite of passage that adults are aghast at the most popular answers, which when I was young were usually along the lines of being a famous singer or a sports star. However, we live in the internet age now, baby, and today things are a little different. It’s been reported that many…
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Boxing Fans Walk Away From Mayweather vs. Paul Fight Disappointed as Fighters Walk Away With Millions

Exhibition fight go brrrr
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Funny meme about skipping Youtubers words from sponsors.
Via u/Qvistenn
The Dank Drop, storming the capitol, political memes, funny memes, dank memes, relatable, spicy, nic cage, nicolas cage, washington dc, national treasure, karens, coronavirus | Some random dude D.C. right now gonna steal Declaration Independence. made with mematic | My mom Japanese Waiter would like award highest honor can bestow Gracias SODA

The Dank Drop: 25 Of Our Favorite Dank Memes Of The Week (1-2 to 1-8)

Thank you, meme creators.
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That Was Easy

Funny meme about how easy it is to find something better than jake and logan paul | name something better than Logan and Jake Paul, i bet you can't I GOT A JAR OF DIRT
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funny twitter, twitter memes, twitter thread, he pooped, #hepooped, markiplier, youtubers, poop, funny tweets, gamers, streamers | Pope Francis holding up tweet King shit. #hepooped Mark @markiplier I pooped.

Markiplier Announces Successful Bowel Movement, Twitter Rejoices

Fans make #Hepooped top trending topic
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Logan Paul speech about black lives matter, twitter reactions, police brutality | @DaveOshry reached Logan Paul is somehow voice reason" part 2020 Logan Paul @LoganPaul 2d have be anti-racist | sophie|lamp eult 8|G @sophiiee420 this is proof logan is best paul brother BLACK LIVES MATTER ES ER BL THIS IS GACKGRID 9:39 AM 6/4/20 Twitter iPhone

Logan Paul Praised For Passionate Black Lives Matter Speech

Color the internet surprised.
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Jake Paul responds to video footage from looting at protest in ARizona, PF Changs, vodka | Jake Paul @jakepaul be absolutely clear, neither nor anyone our group engaged any looting or vandalism context spent day doing our part peacefully protest one most horrific injustices our country has ever seen, which led us being tear-gassed filming events and brutality were unfolding Arizona were gassed and forced keep moving on foot filmed everything saw an effort share our experience and bring more atte

Jake Paul Releases Statement After Being Filmed With Looters In Arizona Mall

No surprises here.
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funny memes featuring polarsaurus rex from youtube, youtubers, australia, reddit, wow congrats i don't give a fuck | Costa Rica: Declares war on Germany WW1 Germany WOW congrats dont give fuck! AD: ONLY 5% CAN BEAT THIS LEVEL WOW congrats dont give fuck!

Thirteen Fresh Memes About Really Not Giving A F*ck

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Funny remake of YouTube Rewind 2019

Comically Bad Remake Of YouTube Rewind 2019

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Funny dank memes about YouTube Rewind 2019

All The Best Reaction Memes To YouTube Rewind 2019

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Funny dank memes about Elon Musk donating $1 million to help plant trees

Elon Musk's Tree Donation Has Memers Riled Up

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Jared Knabenbauer cheating scandal, cheating scandal, projared memes, projared, holly conrad, heidi o'ferrall, soliciting underage girls, projared cheats on wife heidi o'ferrall.

Youtuber ProJared Is Getting Ripped To Shreds Following Insane Cheating Scandal

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