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Clueless Kids That Should Probably Get Off the Internet

Where are the parents
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Funny, crazy, and self-deprecating Youtube Comments

YouTube Comments That Range From Silly to Straight-Up Insane

I don't know about you, but whenever I find myself falling into a YouTube hole, it's not just the videos that I am paying attention to. Whether the video is stupid, smart, or even some excruciatingly boring tutorial, I will go out of my way to check out all of the comments. The truth is, in many cases, that the YouTube comments are more entertaining than the videos themselves. While there are some sweetly appreciative shout-outs and usually some personal anecdotes from a boomer or two, there's…
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Brutal Times People Owned Themselves Just To Take People Down With Them

Kamikaze by words
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rare insults, insults, roasts, youtube, youtube comments, reddit, witty comebacks, burn, facebook, facebook comments | His beard looks like he fell asleep at party | Elon Musk's mom on raising successful kids didn't treat them like babies or scold them' 11K 191 Comments 878 Shares Like? Comment Share They all look like they are about unhinge their jaws and swallow marsupial.

Brutal Burns From The Internet's Poets of Cruelty

Delightfully brutal burns
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Funny insults, spicy insults, clapbacks | elentube #TheEllenShow #Ellen #EllenDeGeneres Can This Teenager Use Rotary Phone? 2.7M views 4 days ago 56K 6.6K Share Download Save day ago "Oh look at these stupid kids. They can't use rotary phone. They can't use phone book M Wow s almost like as technology advances, older things slowly become useless and obsolete. Kind like Ellen.. | Replying Girl so basic if spilled vinegar on dissolve into foam like wicked which. 23:40 16 Aug 19 Twitter Android 25

Spicy Insults & Clapbacks That Bring The Heat

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Funny and crazy youtube comments

Crazy & Clever YouTube Comments From Absolute Mad Lads

When I get into a YouTube hole, I'm not just watching videos. While enjoying a viewing, be it stupid or smart, or even just a song, I scroll all the way down to that comments section. Because sometimes it's more rewarding than the video itself. While there are some appreciative shout outs (the comments on Jimmy Buffet videos are so positive), there's often at least one comment from somebody with nothing to lose. Sometimes, it's a comment that is impressively cutting. Sometimes, a completely biz…
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Weird And Wretched YouTube Comments From Deeply Disturbed Minds

I'm scared
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Literal-Brained People Who Were Wooshed by Stupid Memes

Right over their heads
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Self-Deprecating Times People Roasted Themselves With Precision

Severe self-owns
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kids, youtube, funny kids, funny comments, youtube comments, funny screenshots, childhood, memes |  No More Saying Cuss Words Guys! Its Inappropriate and Violent! | new car bad photoshop picture of a kid inside a car

Funny & Wholesome Times Kids Tried To Use The Internet

Kids commenting on YouTube = comedy gold
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rare insults, funny insults, roast, wrecked, burn, sick burn, memes, funny comments, youtube comments, funny tweets, rant, reddit | "Unexpected item bagging area s not unexpected digital f k literally just told is s right there on screen did wavy-wave did bleepy-bleep; up until point where decided have an electronic stroke, things were going exactly according plan mean is haven't been programmed right. Don't go putting this on like somehow gone out my way surprise got places be, man can't be

Creative Insults & Rants From Poets Of The Comments Section

These burns are spicy
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Cursed comments filled with dark humor, funny comments, evil, mean | Influencer Who Thought Pandemic Hoax Dies After Catching COVID-19 O Like Comment Share ers Well he influenced into wearing mask, alright. | WORST THING STEP ON DARK? Someone else's foot live alone

Cursed Comments From People With Nothing To Lose

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Funny, spicy and savage rare insults on youtube and twitter | Faith Naff @FaithNaff Elon Musk is Tony Stark ordered off Wish. 7:27 05 May 20 Twitter Web App 404 Retweets 1,741 Likes

17 Spicy Insults That Deserve Respect

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Never Assume The Best From An Australian

youtube australia youtube comments Australians funny rude - 9154909184
Via Cheesepuff430

Wee Woo!


How to Spot a Middle Schooler on Youtube

youtube youtube comments my chemical romance - 8296262656
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