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29-Year-Old Man Brags About 'Training' His 19-Year-Old Girlfriend Into 'The Perfect Woman For Him'

He sounds like a real winner
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Young People Discuss The Importance of Intergenerational Friendships

So many people are weird about age. We've got 20-year-olds telling 25-year-olds that they “look good for their age.” Middle-aged people are catastrophizing about young people killing various industries. Twenty-somethings claim that a 26-year-old dating a 38-year-old is a predatory age gap. If you're spending too much time online, it might seem like nobody knows how to be normal about age. Luckily, the internet is not the real world. In the real world, it is not looked negatively upon to have me…
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Twitter Users Discuss the Importance of Getting Dating Experience When Young

It's not for nothing
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20+ Times Adults Tried to be Relatable

How do you do, fellow kids?
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Clueless Tech Bro Gets Roasted for Instructing People Not to Fall in Love in Their 20s

What no p***y does to a MF
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A story about a Boomer getting yelled at for telling a young job hunter that young people are too lazy to get jobs

Boomer Accuses Younger Job Hunter of Laziness, Gets Yelled At In Public

Anyone who has applied for a job in the past couple of years knows it's a very tricky process. So much goes into job hunting, and it's not as simple as being the most qualified person for a position. Job interviews sometimes feel like they're taking place in an alternate reality; how you articulate yourself must be carefully curated to make you sound like a good worker. It's unnatural, but it's a bare necessity if you're going to get a job. With remote work becoming far more common, competition…
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Twitter Debates Whether Young Al Pacino or Young Robert De Niro Was Hotter

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Millennial Bemoans Nonsensical Stereotypes About Being 'Old' in Your 30s

You're (probably) not at death's door
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'I wish our founding fathers could see the progress we’ve made': TikToker Filming Dance in Costco Splits Opinion on Twitter

She has moves
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15 Hilarious Tweets Mourning Victims of 'Twink Death'

Youth does not last forever, and for many people, that is unforgivable. This week, Twitter user @thenorthmens went viral after posting two pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio: one in the 90s and one now, with the caption, “twink death is a terrifying thing.” If you didn't know, a twink is a slim, young, and hairless gay man. You might think, “but Leonardo DiCaprio does not fit into that category at any age!” You would be correct, but that matters very little to Twitter users. Twitter users will call…
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‘I’m Too Old for This’ : Epic Relatable Thread for the Ancient Crowd With Grizzled Hair

‘I’m Too Old for This’ : Epic Relatable Thread for the Millennials With Greying Hair

This includes everyone over the age of 30 (except for you, Leo).
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People Roast the Idea of Writing a Will Before the Age of 25

What is there to give?
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Redditors Advise On All The Things Young People Need To Know

Listen up
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Funny memes and posts about the '90s | Kids these days will never know ultimate thumb destroyer GameofLoans DURACELL 100% DURACELL POWERCHECKTM | Rhyaan @Rhyaan_ Some y'all never got tricked into pulling one these by siblings PULL HERE SHOCK and really shows SHOCK PULL HERE SHOCK PULL HERE CH ING OUM CHEWING GUM SHOCK PULL HERE @memezar NC babynanss why were these legal Imao

Fourteen Nostalgic Posts Zoomers Won't Understand

Kids today man.
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Have Some Manners, Jeez

Funny meme about old people staring at people with dyed hair and piercings above an image of Shrek staring at something | old people: Don't stare it's rude. Save Old people when they see someone with dyed hair and piercings:
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Run Away!

Funny meme depicting a Millennial who is about to turn 30 | PEOPLE BORN IN The 90s 30's HERE IT COMES
Via Here4TheCultStuff
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