you had one job

You had one job to do.... Just one... And you blew it. So as you're pondering the mishaps and misdeeds that led you here, take solace in and enjoy some other people who really made a mess of things by screwing up just a simple job. You're not as alone as you think.

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29 Baffling Design Choices Found in the Wild (March 17, 2024)

Design fails are my passion
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24 Lackadaisical Design Choices That Baffle the Mind

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30 Times Someone Didn't Take Their Job Very Seriously

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20+ 'You Had One Job' Moments Full of Impressive Incompetence

Someone's boss is not very happy
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20+ Comically Awkward 'You Had One Job' Moments

Major facepalm
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22 Hilarious Mishaps And 'You Had One Job' Moments

Some very epic fails
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funny fails, you had one job, not my job, japan, japanese fails | painting road marks over a dead squid's body | MISSILE BASE CANDIDATES SOUTH KOREA AUSTRALIA JAPAN CHINA VOWING RESPOND IF U.S. DEPLOYS MISSILES REGION IRAN 101

Humorously Fail-Filled 'You Had One Job' Moments

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Funny pics of people who failed at their one job | pipe going through a stone wall spilling water on a bench | DENTIST ASSAULT Suspect Firstname Lastname News suspect photo

29 Cringey Times People Tried And Failed At Their One Job

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Funny pics of very poorly designed things

Horrid Designs That People Clearly Didn't Think Through

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Funny and cringey pics of times people failed at their one job

Eighteen Times People Failed Miserably At Their One Job

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13 WTF Christmas Design Fails That SOMEONE Should've Noticed

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Cringeworthy Design Fails

14 Cringeworthy Design Fails That Really Shouldn't Exist

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He Had One Job

UPS driver left a package underneath someone's door, locking the people inside
Via Xharos

Looks Normal to Me

pokemon you had one job image Looks Normal to Me
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FAIL list you had one job - 751621

These People Had One Job But Clearly Gave Zero F*cks

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You're Fired Bill

fired you had one job bill funny - 8316845568
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