You Always Go Back

Funny meme about yoda and olives.
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Funny sacred text memes from star wars the last jedi, luke skywalker, yoda.

The Last Jedi's Sacred Texts Have Become The Latest Ridiculous Star Wars Meme

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Collection of funny and dank Star Wars prequel memes, Anakin Skywalker, obi-wan kenobi, qui-gonn jinn, yoda, emperor palpatine, jedi knights.

50 More Dank Prequel Memes The Star Wars Fans Will Appreciate

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Funny meme about how much money you pay for textbooks only to discover that it includes a quote from Yoda.
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Who Gave Hulk a Lightsaber?

hulk funny star wars yoda - 7984483840
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Jeez, Lighten Up

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Tarsier Totally Looks Like Yoda

animals star wars yoda - 4583368448
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Profoundly Punny Yoda Says:

day go pattern reversal similar sounding speech star wars yoda - 6345391616
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In Deep S**t You Are!

grounded star wars parenting yoda - 7891024128
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It's Pretty Adorable Though

star wars yoda funny - 8160674304
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Now That's a Toy

star wars cars yoda funny toyota - 8138242816
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So Many Wise Cliches

yoda web comics - 8095331840
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booze depression yoda funny - 8056114176
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Love You I Do... Much Sexy Times We Will Have

star wars cards yoda funny Valentines day dating - 8035779840
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Now That's a Good Amount of Free Time

free time funny star wars yoda - 7979440896
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Danny Devito Totally Looks Like Yoda

danny devito totally looks like yoda - 7949784832
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