Restaurant owner calls out reviewer who wanted to get paid to update bad review, $500

Wannabe Critic Tries to Extort Money From Restaurant Owner, Gets Thoroughly Called Out

Letting regular people write restaurant reviews was largely a mistake. And I say this as a recovering Yelper. Before I started working in the restaurant industry, Yelp was an outlet for me. It allowed me to share my Very Important opinion with other citizens. I'd write paragraphs about a breakfast burrito, cringey raps about the best pizzeria near my office. And while I mostly wrote favorable reviews of establishments, occasionally I would go in on a spot that was disappointing in both the food…
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Entitled Barefoot Man Put In His Place After Trashing Restaurant For Following the Rules

At this point in time, we can't seem to keep track of all the subcultures, fads, and trendy health kicks people are getting into. But as worldly individuals, w are well aware that there are, in fact, people who refuse to wear shoes, even in public. People claim that barefoot living is just one way of living a green lifestyle and that it's better for your health. Some people go barefoot due to ailments such as diabetes, or gout. We're not sure where the dude we're about to discuss falls on the b…
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Amusing Amazon Reviews That Deserve Five Stars for Comedy

Reviews that are funnier than they are helpful
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Disney Adult Writes the Most Overly Dramatic Yelp Review for the Parks, Completely Obliterates Mickey Mouse

Disney Adult Writes the Most Overly Dramatic Yelp Review for the Parks, Completely Obliterates Mickey Mouse

“Mickey, you've made a terrible mistake…”
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Funny and sassy times that restaurant owners responded to reviews.

15+ Sassy Times Owners Responded to Restaurant Reviews

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Lying Yelper Gets Called Out After Trying To Paint Restaurant Employee As 'Racist'

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17 Customer Service Memes That'll Make You Hate Humanity

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Well, They've Got My Support

Sign outside of a coffee shop that reads, "Come in and try the worst coffee one woman on Trip Adviser had in her life"


Funny Savage Patrick meme about middle aged white women.
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Food Was Too Spicy, One Star

white people image yelp Food Was Too Spicy, One Star
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Someone Gave This Burned Down Liquor Store a Fitting Eulogy Via Yelp

yelp review of burned down liquor store
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The Hell is an Artisanal Mayo Shop and Why Would You Go There?

artisanal mayo review
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This Woman's Yelp Review of Her Past Dates Are All You Need to Know to Find the Perfect Romantic Venue

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Famously Bad

food IRL reviews sign yelp - 6241516288

You'll Hate It, We Promise!

business signs restaurant yelp - 8398752512

We All Scream for Subpar Service

customer service ice cream yelp failbook - 8322568448
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