It's called a mellow yellow. It's time to let those rays fill you with light, and laughter, so do you know what looks yellow and smells like blue paint? Yellow paint.

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25 Banana Memes For Nymphia Wind Stans

Team Banana
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Woman Gets Roasted for Claiming That the Sun Used to Be a Different Color

Bring back yellow sun
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People Argue About Which Character Will Be the "Yellow Guy" of the 2020s

We've gotta find him
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A Twitter thread of people discussion which colors they associate with which subject in school

People Debate Which Color Folder Correlates To Which Subjects in School

When you're in high school, you have very little freedom. One of the few choices you can make for yourself is which trapper keeper you get from Staples. This is a critical decision, as that multiuse binder won't break for at least three years, so you better make the right choice. The question of “which binder color should I choose for which subject” was never one that phased me. I simply picked the binders with the prettiest colors and chose which subjects they were for based on ambiguous vibes…
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Is This Legal?

wtf yellow funny wiffle ball - 8460232192

He Feeds Off Sadness

wtf yellow man creepy funny - 7813067008

You Sneaky Little B*tch

yes blue yellow so good - 6741649408
Created by Kurmon

If You're This Tall (or Taller)...

racist asian yellow IRL - 6658300672
Created by jtcaseley1

One is Yellow. The Other is ORANGE.

orange wtf yellow - 6569104640

Only Good for Drawing Bees

bees black markers Memes yellow - 6497081600

Art of Trolling: High Expectations Passport Photo

asian IRL Memes Photo racist yellow - 5902652928

Better, Yellow Potion

bear grylls health link Sad video games yellow zelda - 5521874176
Created by ThisIsAMeme

Follow the Bubble Brick Road

bubbles Dorothy pepper spray Pepper Spray Cop wizard of oz yellow - 5509830144
Created by Artrial

Gandalf the Yellow

asian gandalf Lord of the Rings racism Terrible Teacher yellow - 5437828352
Created by Spoon0321

Socially Awkward Penguin: MUST. NOT. SEEM. RACIST.

black casual purple racist socially awkward penguin walking white yellow - 5285605120
See all captions Created by BoredLikeHeaven

Mucho Gusto!

comments eyes me gusta yellow - 5159220224
Created by Raito1337
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