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15+ Amusing Yearbook Quotes That Sum Up The Agony And Ecstasy Of High School

You can almost taste the relief.
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Aww Buddy

Senior quote in a yearbook that reads, "Life is a party and I'm the pinata"
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He's Not Wrong

Funny yearbook photo about partying.
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Funny yearbook quotes

50 Hilariously Brilliant Yearbook Quotes That Deserve Awards

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And Now My Brain Hurts

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The Bamboozling Barroga Sisters

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By Unknown

How'd I Do, Mom?


It Just Kind of Showed Up

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Just Gimme a Few Years

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By Unknown

I Hate That S**t

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Do Like I Do and Live Large

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Whatever Dad, You Don't Know Me

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Perry Not Pictured

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Apparently Four Wongs Do Make a Wright

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Wise Words

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"Bro, You Got Something on Your Shoulder"

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