Yearbook is a book that is published at the end of a school year that highlights various memories, events and milestones throughout the year. Yearbook quotes are a common practice done by High School Seniors, where they either write a funny or heartfelt sentence. 

A compilation of images from haters and savage people.

Savage Moments From Professional Haters

Everybody's got something they're good at. While some find their passions early with childhood artistic or athletic endeavors, others have talents that aren't fully appreciated until later in life. I'm talking, of course, about being a hater. School bullying is a crude and amateur form of the art and science of hating. Haters can take on many career paths: stand-up comedians, hedge fund managers, Presidents, and social media managers. There is no arena where haters thrive more than social media…
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15+ Amusing Yearbook Quotes That Sum Up The Agony And Ecstasy Of High School

You can almost taste the relief.
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Weird Times

Funny meme about high school yearbooks while people are in quarantine. | Class of 2018 Class of 2019 Class of 2020 class of 2021
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Funny senior quotes written by high school seniors | person in tuxedo with long hair in a bun and stretched earlobes: course dress well didn't spend all time closet nothing neutral | twins yearbook Darwin Bunait Dollar Bunait Ctrl C Ctrl V

Senioritis-Ridden Comedians Who've Mastered The Art Of The Senior Quote

These junior comedians deserve our respect.
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36 Clever Senior Yearbook Quotes For The Senioritis-Sufferers

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23 Yearbook Quotes Written By Seniors Who Are Just DONE

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Tumblr text that reads, "If no one comes from the future to stop you from doing it then how bad of a decision can it really be;" someone comments, "I think this will be my graduation quote"
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Yeah Could You Just Smile Like A Normal Human

Caption that reads, "How my kid smiles for a $200 package of school pictures" above a pic of Andy Bernard from The Office smiling like an idiot
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Aww Buddy

Senior quote in a yearbook that reads, "Life is a party and I'm the pinata"
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19 Back-To-School Memes That'll Trigger The Crap Out Of Any Student

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He's Not Wrong

Funny yearbook photo about partying.
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Lucky's A Clever One

Girl makes her senior quote a scene from Stranger Things where Dustin says, "Son of a bitch. You're really no help at all, you know that?"
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Funny yearbook quotes

50 Hilariously Brilliant Yearbook Quotes That Deserve Awards

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Funny yearbook photo of a guy that just loves chillin'.
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Collection of funny High School yearbook quotes and captions.

14 Amusing Yearbook Photos and Quotes

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Grew Up to be a Mailman

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