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Yahoo Answers are not just answers user's post to questions on Yahoo. Yahoo! Answers is a specific type of trolling in which a stupid question gets asked, followed up by an even stupider answer, by different people and with no coordination between the two. 

Most of Us Have It

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Created by Unknown

Hahahahah But No Rly Tho

yahoo answers - 8326128384

Can't Argue With That Logic

animals ducks chicken yahoo answers - 8220466944

Shirts Versus Skins!

yahoo answers gross - 8115254272
Via Google

U Kno He Ded

yahoo answers yahoo - 8092017152
Created by Unknown

No Vah Giin!

forever alone Skyrim yahoo answers - 7958362624
Created by Unknown

Canada Has Spoken, America Should Take Over China

america Canada yahoo answers - 7941411584
Created by Unknown

No One Can Be This Stupid

yahoo answers yahoo - 7909061632
Created by JesusorGod ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

It's a Growing Problem

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Created by wulfae

What Does the Gator Say?

yahoo answers alligators - 6621262336
Created by Unknown


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Created by mrpotatoes12345 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

The Answers May Surprise You

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Created by Unknown

I'm the Guilty Party!

sisters yahoo answers - 4277046528
Created by Unknown

Little Green Men

yahoo answers Ireland - 4264525312
Created by Unknown

Hey, We All Have Dreams

farting dreams yahoo answers - 7788249088
Created by Unknown

Time to Face Facts

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Created by Unknown