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45 Of The Dumbest Gems From Yahoo Answers

RIP Yahoo Answers, it's been real
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The Internet Laments The Death Of Yahoo! Answers

End of an era
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twitter hashtag yahoo - 1337605

Twitter Kicks Yahoo While They're Down With a New Hashtag

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Ad Placement at Its Best

ads yahoo Subway - 7991866112
By mrsberg

Yahoo Answers: Have You Tried Turning It On and Off Again?

Yahoo Answers Xbox controller batteries response to device and controller not syncing.
Via Yahoo Answers

U Kno He Ded

yahoo answers yahoo - 8092017152
By Unknown

I Give Up!

yahoo passwords - 7975110912
By Unknown

No One Can Be This Stupid

yahoo answers yahoo - 7909061632
By JesusorGod (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Advertisers Are Getting Too Smart

yahoo advertisements - 7610827008
By Unknown

This Encapsulates the Internets

tumblr the internet yahoo funny - 7494534656
By Unknown

Yahoo Will Treat You Reaaaaaal Nice

Omegle tumblr yahoo funny - 7486526208
By Unknown

Re-Framed: He's a Nice Guy, Really

news misunderstood mitch yahoo re-frames - 7110673152
By bck

Joke's on Them; I Only Look at Screen Shots

news conspiracy keanu yahoo - 7111407360
See all captions By geek_enthusiast

You Need an Article on When It's Okay to Use Memes

internet yahoo dating - 7108675584
By LadyShirahime93


nobody cares food yahoo stop junk cameron diaz - 6746861824
By Kyle


yahoo weather horrible apple maps - 6649833984
By straymond96
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