Don't Be Upsetti, Have Some Spaghetti!

bad poker face dad dinner Y U NO spaghetti - 8315866368
Created by _Elizabeth_

Back to School

back to school calculator Okay math Y U NO - 8310493952
Created by icanhazzahalp

Cricket Confusion

taken rage Y U NO noise sound - 8312147200
Created by death_by_rage

This Happens to Every Pet Owner

Y U NO trollface pets taking pictures Cats - 8283478528
Created by Unknown

New is Not Always Better...

Y U NO soda sweet jesus sugar sprite - 8281948160
Created by Sruabc

Just Ask Her!

Y U NO flowers love Okay - 8278378752
Created by Tr0jAn3ntRy

Who Cares About Freshness?

rage Y U NO packaging - 8258367744
Created by MeanMeme

Milk Wars > Console Wars

milk Y U NO - 8238075392
Created by Hrd2H1t

Endless Downloading...

download table flipping Y U NO - 8228399104
Created by Tr0jAn3ntRy

German Spring Rage!

rage Y U NO spring weather Germany expectation vs reality - 8222660096
Created by Unknown

Pinch it Off

Y U NO work sweet jesus bathroom - 8214799104
Created by death_by_rage

Scumbag Brain Shower Rage

Y U NO scumbag brain shower - 8205590272
Created by Unknown

Anything Similar?

Y U NO - 8113342208
Created by GhostwithToast


rage Y U NO coding - 8195830016
Created by alexander_07


rage Y U NO Team Fortress 2 TF2 - 8195969536
Created by Anatoos

Thinking Too Much

chat facebook relationships Y U NO - 8175291648
Created by Unknown