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Weird & Funny Xbox Live Messages To Perplex Even The Most Seasoned Gamer

Social skills = nonexistent.
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Seems Legit

xbox live gaming gamers seems legit - 8432705280
Via Bing

When? Christmas Day in 2002?

playstation xbox live xbox video games psn - 8413786112

How Kim Dotcom Stopped Lizard Squad's Attacks on XBL and PSN

xbox live playstation network - 8411739136
Via @kimdotcom

Our Terms of Service Have Changed

xbox live xbox video games shrek - 8296202496

Next Level Trash Talking

xbox live xbox video games - 8233097984

Who Actually Falls for This?

xbox live the internets - 8158577408
Via Longlivesteelo


xbox live xbox one - 8149396736

Our Terms of Service Have Many Layer

xbox live xbox video games shrek - 8148823296

O No, Pls Halp

xbox live banned video games xbox 360 - 8142480128

Gotta Give Him Points for Creativity, At Least...

video games xbox live xbox 360 - 8123203840

But Wait, These Require Gold!

xbox live one does not simply Memes - 8107313408
By Sbinbou31

Next Gen Gaming, Always Online, Connected Experiences, No Single Player, BLAH BLAH BLAH Can't Even Play on Release Date

titanfall xbox live bad luck brian Memes microsoft - 8103669248
By Unknown

If Online Gaming Had Honest Titles

xbox live halo video games - 8091282176
By Unknown

Xbox Live is Full of Weirdos

gamers xbox live messages weird wtf - 7951851520
By Unknown

You Had Me Going There For a Second!

christmas minecraft presents xbox live prank - 7945912832
By regularconnor
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