Oh Lawd He Comin

Tumblr post where several people comment "Here he comes" above a pic of a cat walking through a doorway; someone comments, "He has arrived"
Via ImHereToMakeUsersubAnEvenWeirderPlace

4. Profit

eggs wut - 8749279488
By Unknown

Origami Stroller

gifs origami stroller technology win wut zen - 5505168896
Via Youtube

Keep It Not Un-Closed!

wut - 8271320064
Card Tricks magic tricks wut trolltube - 59994881

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Working The Machine

gym gifs exercises wut - 8012366592
By ToolBee

His Expression is Priceless

wtf gifs wut - 7973090816
By Unknown

The Most Useless Gate Thingy Ever

useless wut - 7742805760
By Unknown

Yeah, I Totally See It...

wut dafuq facebook - 7733399296
By mrsmarts5000

How About Both?

kids wut animals - 7736409856
By BloodyThumbsDown

Soccer is Weird

sports wut soccer funny - 7498068992
By Unknown

Cat Helping With The Shot

gifs wut pool Cats - 6519935232
By jyonasan1957

Uh, Sure, Help Yourself

drinking gifs water wut elephants - 7052528896
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

Happen to Anyone Else?

gifs knife wut battlefield - 7032276736
By Robbinio2

Mammary Mondays: Lemme See Your Butterfly

butterfly gifs wut babe mammaries - 6997272064
By Unknown

Mission Possible

gifs wut eating nom nom nom mouse - 6993275136
By _C_A_T_ (Via Youtube)
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