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15+ Times People Were Undeservedly Smug

These are not the owns they think they are.
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Amusing Moments Of Spelling Ineptitude That Prove More People Need To Own A Dictionary

It's easily done, and it's happened to all of us more than once. You're typing away at a text to a friend, writing an important email or even jotting down a shopping list. All of a sudden, your mind goes blank, or your thumb goes awol, and before you know it you've written down something that even the most overzealous autocorrect can't fix. While most of us do our best to avoid such mistakes when it matters, sometimes the odd one slips through the net and while they may not be right, they sure …
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TWisted comics from the perry bible fellowship, dark humor.

23 Righteously Twisted Comics From The Perry Bible Fellowship

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14 'Non-Aesthetic' Pics You Didn't REALLY Need To See

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Believe Me

Caption about the dentist stabbing your gums 30 times during a cleaning telling you to floss more, above a pic of Donald Trump saying, "Wrong"
Via JamesONarwal

Oh, Well Then... Good for Her

image celebrity death Oh, Well Then... Good for Her
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Zootopia Was Super Cute, but It Was Far From Perfect

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Math test

are you kidding me wrong test math - 8584461568
By Unknown


hilarious RAPTURE wrong - 4789861120
See all captions By -Misery-


guns idiots wrong - 4895301120
By ZenLikeCalm


crying water wrong - 4571774208
See all captions By Vee14

Mathematical Success

school wrong math - 8543606272
By Kittehlolzrfun

And bad spelling

sign horrible wrong spelling - 6827797248
By TheSnake


black Hall of Fame metal Pure Awesome right wrong wtf - 5018972928
By Unknown


dr seuss wrong bewbs grinch - 6621043456
By SlightlySardonic

Well That's an Odd Protest

sign freedom hell wrong - 3426513920
By oceansize
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