tweets pointing out male authors who write unrealistically about women characters and shows their inner thoughts on the matter

This Hilarious Twitter Thread Is Roasting The Way Male Authors Describe Women

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Twitter Divided After Guy Gets Upset At Wife Writing A Book

There's layers here
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Funny tweets, memes and posts about how bad men are at writing about women and writing female characters

Roasty Memes & Posts About How Men Fail To Write Women

Try harder.
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Tumblr writing prompt about angels, demons and sandwiches | writing-prompt-s While putting favorite condiment on sandwich accidentally make magical occult symbol and summon demon. teawitch silently take two more slices bread out package and make another sandwich put on plate with handful potato chips and hand demon. He takes sandwich, smiles and vanishes puff demonic smoke next day get job promotion were after. There no contract. No words spoken owe nothing. But every now and then, another demon

Imaginative Tumblr Saga Brings Angels & Demons Together Over Sandwiches

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Funny and sassy times that restaurant owners responded to reviews.

15+ Sassy Times Owners Responded to Restaurant Reviews

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Woman who is a dietician writes a long and creative review of Brach's Turkey dinner candy corn, gross, gross food, bad food, lol, thanksgiving dinner, green beans, stuffing, coffee, turkey

Brave Dietician Reviews Brach's Turkey Dinner Candy

Some things shouldn't exist. And we can say without a shadow of a doubt that Brach's ‘Turkey Dinner' candy corn bags fall into that category. As a passionate hater of all things candy corn, this confection's existence shakes me to my core. And yet, it piqued my curiosity in a different way than Bertie Bott's Every Flavored Beans. Jelly Belly's take on a Harry Potter creation consists of their classically delicious flavors mixed in with some seriously heinous flavor profiles like vomit, earwax,…
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30+ Fresh Tweets That Just Hit Right

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A Fresh Selection Of Short And Sweet Tweets

280 characters or less, baby.
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Funny spelling fails, social media fails, writing | Why y'all acting like world just now gettin messed up about slavery hall cost? Pick up book

24 Valiant Attempts That Really Missed The Mark

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Every Word Counts

Funny meme about word count in essays for school, chris evans, captain america, don't, do not
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Well, My Work Here Is Done

Funny meme that reads, "*Writes the first 3 words of an essay*" above a stock photo of a guy sleeping, with text that reads, "What an exhausting day"
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Informative and educational tumblr thread about how french writer alexandre dumas is black | miketalkstrash-deactivated20170 Let's not forget acknowledge Alexandre Dumas this Black History Month writer two most well known stories worldwide Three Musketeers and Count Monte Cristo black man s excellence. latinagabi Let's not forget he played on screen by white man. And fact he black is barely ever mentioned or book he wrote inspired by his experiences.

Tumblr Thread Tackles The 'Forgotten' Blackness Of French Author Alexandre Dumas

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Funny random Tumblr posts | Cover memes of two girls playing with a vinyl record in what looks like one of those ab machines floor rollers with someone joking and asking if this is how lesbian sex works and another meme of someone asking TOO SOON on a plague joke and someone else points out that it has been a few centuries

Terrific Tumblr Tidbits (43 Posts)

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Creepy stories from the subreddit /r/TwoSentenceHorror | r/TwoSentenceHorror Posted by u/TitusPotPie 4mo My four year old said he wished people didn't have knock told him about doorbells, and he asked install one on his window. 14,3k 128 Share

Nineteen Clever And Creepy Stories Told In Just Two Sentences

It's cool, you didn't need to sleep tonight anyway!
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Poor Hans

Funny Tumblr post about how Hans Christian Andersen took it very personally when he got a negative review one time | don't feel bad if you're sensitive to negative feedback because apparently after one particular bad review hans christian andersen was found just sobbing face down in the dirt
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memes about ap literature, funny memes, high school memes

AP Lit Memes For The Driven & Miserable Overachievers

Is the pain worth the credits?
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