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Legend Asks for Suggestions to Cover Up 'Shrimps is Bugs' Tattoo, Gets Flooded With Compliments Instead

Best tattoo ever
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Author of fantasy series ‘The Glacian Trilogy’ shows what it's like in real time to write the heartbreaking end to a beloved character

“The thought never occurred to me that it’s hard for the authors too….”
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Clueless Recruiter Rejects Technical Writer With 8 Years of Experience For Being "Too Inexperienced"

Inept Recruiter Rejects Technical Writer With 8 Years of Experience For Being 'Too Inexperienced'

Applying for jobs is tough; every entry-level position wants 3-5 years of experience, which makes the distinction of “entry-level” an oxymoron. Most career coaches will tell you to apply for jobs you're inexperienced in anyways because, usually, the people writing the job ads set the bar higher than they need to draw in more qualified applicants. Luckily, as time progresses in your career, you become overly qualified for those measly entry-level positions and begin to move up in the world. No l…
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15+ Wild Typos That Truly Boggle the Mind

Spleling good
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A compilation of memes about writers, writing, and writers block

Writer Memes For Procrastinating Authors Struggling With Writer's Block

I'm a writer who doesn't procrastinate…mostly. When I have a work or school deadline, I cannot procrastinate. The words need to get onto the page one way or another. It doesn't matter if the words are brilliant or foolish ; they're getting written either way. That's all well and good for writing when the alternative is negative consequences. When it comes to my own personal projects, however, that's a different story. When you're writing a novel or a short story solely for your own sick satisfa…
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Cringey Posts About Books and Reading That Give Bibliophiles a Bad Name

Literacy was a mistake
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A compilation of images with hilarious spelling errors

Hilarious Spelling Fails That Highlight the Power of Proofreading

It's easy to write something and never go back to edit it. After all, there are only so many hours in a day to get things done, and in many jobs, if you throw something onto the page, often nobody will clock your errors. No matter your job, it's usually a good idea to know how to spell, and if you don't, it's a good idea to have someone who can spell-check your work. Our brains aren't necessarily wired to pick up on spelling errors immediately, especially when we're reading something quickly. L…
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People Debate the Dubious Usefulness of Cover Letters

250 words of nothing
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Brainless Men Who Wrote Women in a Truly Terrible Way

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Literary Memes for Voracious Bookworms

Read on
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tweets pointing out male authors who write unrealistically about women characters and shows their inner thoughts on the matter

Brilliant Twitter Thread Roasts The Way Male Authors Describe Women

Thank you, Literary Twitter for starting our new favorite hashtag challenge. The fun stems from the #OwnVoices hashtag, which addresses the voices of marginalized communities. The hashtag naturally had its critcs; among them was a male author that insisted he was living proof that men are capable of penning realistic female characters. After Gwen C. Katz shared some super-cringey passages of his proof, the challenge was born. Women on Twitter quickly began parodying the passages, describing the…
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Persnickety Grammar Memes for Haters of Misplaced Apostrophes

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Worker Gets Asked To Share Notes After Zoom Meeting, Gets Chided For Doodling

It helps with concentration, right?
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Funny responses, reactions, and roasts of a cringey story about soulmates, amanda trenfield

Cringey Love Story About 'Soulmates' Inspires Ridicule From the Internet

Please don't destroy your family because you felt an attraction to a stranger.
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Students Stumble Upon Syllabus For Fanfic Class, Prompting Celebration Of “Tumblr University”

Drop the reading list, stat
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Left Handers Share The Trials, Tribulations And Strange Anecdotes That Come With Their Trait

Catch us in The Leftorium
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