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Nineteen Clever And Creepy Stories Told In Just Two Sentences

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Poor Hans

Funny Tumblr post about how Hans Christian Andersen took it very personally when he got a negative review one time | don't feel bad if you're sensitive to negative feedback because apparently after one particular bad review hans christian andersen was found just sobbing face down in the dirt
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stereotypes in movies

'Bad Movie Tropes' Hilariously Poke Fun At Well-Known Stereotypes

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troll in the  dedicated section of books

18 Troll-y Authors Who Brought The Sass In The 'Dedicated' Section

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The Blue Curtains Symbolize Faulkner's Failing Marriage, Duh

Caption that reads, "Writer: *Writes novel with no underlying meaning whatsoever;* Literature teachers: ..." above a still of Buzz LIghtyear with laser-beam eyes saying "Hmm"
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Caught Red-Handed

Woman tweets that her son said something very profound, someone replies that there's no way he said that, and proves it with a Wikipedia screenshot that calls her a liar on social media
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I Prefer Typewriters

writer funny - 7757570048
Created by Unknown

Sean Astin Totally Looks Like Jim Tully (American Writer)

sean astin actor writer TLL funny - 6835144448
Created by gerpaderp

Retiring Soon?

Ann Romney fox news Mitt Romney writer - 6723422464
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Young Brian May Totally Looks Like Oscar Wilde

brian may celeb funny history Music queen TLL writer - 6408229632
Created by MadelineMemeQueen

Bruce Banner in "Ultimate Human" Totally Looks Like David Foster Wallace

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Created by Unknown

Captain Neweyes from "We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story" Totally Looks Like Mark Twain

funny mark twain TLL writer - 6366505216
Created by Kenny94

John Steinbeck Totally Looks Like Paul Walker

actor funny paul walker TLL writer - 6236564736
Created by Stunman

Alan Ginsberg Totally Looks Like David Cross

actor celeb David Cross funny TLL writer - 6037612288
Created by plynthe

Neil Gaiman Totally Looks Like Young Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow celeb funny Music neil gaiman writer - 5973512960
Created by BronyFudo6


cartoons hilarious toy story writer - 5615136256
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