world war II

Funny memes about history | Zeus: god all gods Hades: god underworld Dionysus: cat in sunglasses holding wine and a glass | life goes on, and slowly lose touch with squad Stalin by himself

Solid Mix Of History Memes For People Who Like Learning

History is better with memes!
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Funny and dank history memes | WW1 generals they only lose 2000 soldiers get 10 feet ground see this as an absolute win! Professor Hulk | Hot Pockets edit RECIPE T ROCKETS bend sandwiches Vietnam Flashbacks screams distance Extra vivid

History Memes For Educated Edgelords

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20+ Dank History Memes for Scholarly Scrollers

Learn while you laugh
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Funny, spicy and dank history memes | Allied tanks advance through Normandy, 1944 Colourised people in automated carts lining up in a supermarket | She: bae come over Stalin: can't sending people gulag She: my parents aren't home Stalin know

26 Spicy Memes For The Edgy History Scholars

Mamma mia
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Dank funny and spicy history memes, europe, global history, american history | Able-bodied young man 1914-1918 Exists European governments be soldier. | July 1943 LEBENSRAUM Manifest Destiny Corporate needs find differences between this picture and this picture. They're same picture. Pam The Office

57 Dank History Memes That Roast Pretty Much Everyone

Mamma mia.
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Funny, dark, edgy history memes, european history, wwII, wwI, dank memes | USSR 1930s: Slide theleft. Germany and Italy 1930s: Slide right. Spain 1930s: Criss-Cross! | Celebrity breathes* 50s America: Could Repeat Commie?

35 History Memes To Distract From Our Current Hell

The past ain't looking so bad anymore.
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dank history memes, educational memes, ancient history, reddit memes, hitler, world war 2, european history | trying dig tunnel under French trenches, and accidentally break into tunnel French are trying dig under trenches Bonjour Guten tag polar bears | does British Museum have so many incredible artifacts compared other museums? avAR-3anis secret ingredient is crime.

Fifty History Memes Full Of Educational Humor

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Funny memes about history | Me: Can I get your number? Her: Sure. Do you want it now or in the morning? I CAME SEARCHING FOR COPPER AND FOUND GOLD | French government: *exists* French citizens: u/surya123098 UNACCEPTABLE!

Forty-Two Educational History Memes For The Junior Scholars

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Funny memes about history | monkey puppet Common opinion USA ruined Middle-East Britain and France : | invade tiny Finland as sign dominance, and they actually fight back

History Memes For Those Who Like A Side Of Knowledge With Their Entertainment

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Funny memes about history | Military officers they discover shell shock and PTSD are actually real thing and they've been sending mentally wounded troops back into combat centuries LET JUST SAY BOTTOM MY HEART, MY BAD. | Elvis Presley's manager sold Hate Elvis" badges as way make money people who weren't buying Elvis merchandise COLD @FreskyHistory STATE PA CYM MEN o playing both sides, so always come out on top.

Eighteen Historical Memes For The Educationally Inclined

Academics are better with memes!
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Funny dank memes about history, historical memes | swole doge vs cheems Belgium Congo Belgium Europe Give No Germany plz lands or hands | They sabotaged German nation! Cool motive, still genocide Hitler Churchill

32 Fresh Memes Packed With Historical Humor

It's big brain time.
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Funny memes about history | person opening a door Germany asks Sweden if they can pass through invade other Scandinavian countries Sweden: Scandinavia Scandinavia | SCHOOL KILLS ARTISTS Sounds like AN EXCUSE TO INVADE POLAND BUT OK

Roundup Of History Memes To Pump Your Brain Full Of Knowledge

History is best learned with memes!
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Dank history memes, mongol empire, war, world war, roman empire, germany, poland, france, switzerland, italy | christopher colombus as thanos with the infinity gauntlet, a group of native americans disintegrating. porn meme about switzerland staying out of both world wars while france is getting attacked by germany

39 Dank History Memes That'll Make You Smarter

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Funny dank history memes | Americans hearing Orson Welles 'War Worlds' on radio thinking an alien attack imminent @FreskyHistory Oh my god, okay 's happening, everybody stay calm | GERMAN OFFICERS AFTER 1945 were bad, but now Argentines

Fifteen Educational History Memes For The Smarties

Education is best in the form of memes!
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Funny and dank history memes | 4 stages Germany World War II @dankhistory_memes yoda dabbing surrounded by clapping people VIBE CHECK cursed emoji frozen jack from the shining and master oogway | average presidential term lasts 4-8 years but speedrun only 30 days am speed cars lighting mcqueen

Fifteen Historical Memes Because We Could All Use A Little Education

History memes for the scholars!
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Funny history memes | bernie sanders fundraising campaign Carthaginian senate immediately upon Hamilcar's return: I am once again asking military support | Benjamin Franklin designed one first US coins and instead saying God trust said: Mind business.

Myriad Of Fresh History Memes For The Academics

Memes for the nerds!
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