world war 3

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Ukraine-Russia Conflict Memes for People Who Prefer to Laugh In the Midst of Crisis

What do we do in times of international crisis, impending doom, and possibly the threat of world war? Meme about it of course! If you haven't heard, there's trouble brewing (once again) in Eastern Europe as Russia gears up to "perform peacekeeping functions" in the separatist republics of eastern Ukraine . Plebs like us are mostly just confused, but that doesn't mean we can't make dumb jokes and memes about an international crisis whose complex history dates back to the Cold War. If you feel to…
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Funny dank memes about World War I and World War II, history | cowboy bugs bunny shooting a gun in a saloon meme: Europe is literally big powder keg and see Archduke Austria pass near. drax the destroyer from guardians of the galaxy: Switzerland both world wars mastered ability standing so incredibly still become invisible eye. Watch.

World War Memes To Prepare Us All For The Third

Education in meme form!
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Funny and brand new dank memes from Reddit | animaniacs yakko's nations of the world song: My crush love country music trying impress her. black man disappointed comic Iran U.S only sends one person. that one person is matt mii

Eighteen Hot Dank Memes Fresh Outta The Toaster

Get 'em while they're hot!
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funny gaming memes that imagine gamers during wwii | power rangers teenage mutant ninja turtles crossover: American gamers meet Iranian gamers and realise its their leaders who suck and not them. Fortnite players they can't build war guess die.

These WWIII Memes Roast The Dubious Combat Skills Of Gamers

While you were at bootcamp, I studied the controller.
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Funny dank memes about Switzerland during a hypothetical World War III | Switzerland during World War II: woman in a shirt that says JUST HOPE BOTH TEAMS HAVE FUN. pics of a person representing Switzerland jumping between walls: floor is World War III.

Switzerland's Neutrality Roasted With Dank Memes About World War III

About time to pack up and move to Switzerland we think.
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We Ride At Dawn

Funny 'Me and the Boys' meme that reads, "Me and the boys pulling up to World War III" above a pic of the boys riding a militarized Cybertruck
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Funny and dank memes about the potential for a World War III | army recruiter showing my IG videos benching 225 lbs after told him physically unable perform war. the jig meme: Germany realizing they are not guilty this world war:

Potential For 'World War 3' Is Sparking Some Nervous Reaction Memes

Oh boy, here we go.
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