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How Do You Say "Burn" in Portuguese?

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Looks Like Pro Wrestling Does Have a Place in the World Cup

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Delta Needs to Learn a Thing or Two About Giraffes

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The Flying Dutchman Robin van Persie Inspired the Internet After His Amazing Goal

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Delta Celebrates the US Team's World Cup Victory With a Picture of a Giraffe. Giraffes Don't Live in Ghana. Don't Tell Anyone!

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Clint Dempsey Respawns on a Random Street Corner, Immediately Begins Fist Fighting Pedestrians

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Jurgen Klinsmann's Amazing Reactions

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What The Internet Feels Like For People Who Aren't Soccer Fans

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In Two Months, No One Will Care

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USA v. Ghana Recap 2-1

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John Brooks Has an Updated Wikipedia Page

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The Final US Substitution Is Used

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100% Agree, Bradley Looks Horrendous

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The US Keeps Losing Players

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And Dempsey Takes a Kick to the Face!

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