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15+ Strange And Useless Maps That Laugh In The Face Of Cartography

Who needs accuracy
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They Want An Elevator Pitch, Not An Essay

Funny meme about how schools tell you to write essays while people in the real world want you to explain in like five minutes
Via u/jonasslaks

Soooooo Many

Funny 'Slaps Roof of Car' meme about there being a lot of idiots on planet Earth
Via meowmeowmix

Wow, Never Considered That!

Caption that reads, "Her: he's probably thinking about other girls;" Him: if two people on opposite sides of the world simultaneously drop a piece of bread, then the earth briefly becomes a sandwich" above the 'I bet he's thinking about other women' meme
Via mg7374128350

Wow. My World Is Rocked

world mind blown funny - 7681372160
By drgnslayer3

This Is What the Internet Has Done to the World

world news wtf internet milf fapping funny - 8002305024
By Unknown

Just Shaking the World

jesus world shaking funny - 8064858368
By anthropocene
world planes traffic - 57789441

World's Sky in One Day

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Welcome to the World of Despair

despair futile funny world - 8002260992
By Unknown

The Gay Marriage World Map

infographic world - 7982926848
By neomam (Via

50 Insane Driving Laws From Around The World

world cars driving infographic - 7949427968
By Mark Porter (Via

Who's Watching TV

world TV - 7400811008
By Unknown

Behold the World's Fiercest Battle

world Battle - 7370826752

Anyone Got an Answer

world question - 3094630912

This Kid Has the World at His Feet

world child toy feet idiom model globe literalism - 7066616064
Via Reddit

Most Obvious Job in the World

world obvious seattle job - 3422525952
By Zenrei
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