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Infuriating Text From Boss Sparks Discussion About Bad Managers

Incompetent managers are still at large
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Twitter users and people share the weirdest and dumbest reasons they got in trouble at work, bad jobs, work,, lol, humor

People Share the Dumbest Things That Got Them In Trouble At Work

Some bosses are truly out of their minds.
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The Best Relatable Work Memes This Week

Every day we do our silly little tasks so we can pay our silly little bills. Don't you wish there was a way you could magically stop working and do whatever the hell you want for a change? How wonderful would it be to have that kind of freedom? Unfortunately, this is real life and as long as there's rent to pay, we plebs are fated to a lifetime of rising and grinding. But hey, at least we have memes . They can try to crush our souls with menial labor, Excel spreadsheets, and useless Zoom meetin…
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People Discuss Whether ‘This Meeting Could’ve Been an Email’

Are emails really better than meetings, or do they both suck?
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Funny tweets about manager granting all overlapping vacation requests before quitting, bad bosses, revenge, work

Manager Celebrated For Granting Staff's Overlapping Vacation Days Before Quitting

Boss move
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Victims of Lunch Theft Vent About Shameless Office Food Thieves

The nerve of these people
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30+ Fresh Tweets That Just Hit Right

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Funny Memes & Tweets Of Varying Degrees Of Freshness

A little bit of everything.
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Work-Related Memes For People Who Still Have Jobs

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Funny tweet about how americans are super paranoid about working constantly or being out of touch, europeans go on vacation and don't care at all, detached
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Funny tweets and relatable tweets, tweets about dating, tweets about work, tweet about your boss being upset at your funeral because work is understaffed.

23 Terrific Tweets Most People Will Relate To

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Funny and relatable tweets.

22 Funny & Relatable Tweets To Remind You That You're Not Alone

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The Best Definition Ever Given

Tweet that reads, "Office culture is someone bringing in donuts and everyone for some reason refusing to take a whole one and cutting off 3/8 of the donut and then at the end of the day there's like 17/25ths of nine different donuts left"
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19 Resentful Souls Detail The Worst Summer Jobs They've Ever Had

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We Hope She Was Hired On The Spot

Tweet of a completely blank resume
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