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Abusive Boss Gets Taste of Her Own Medicine When Worker Quits Without Notice

Horrible bosses are the absolute worst, but many disgruntled employees aren't necessarily in a position to quit their jobs , leaving them stuck in an indefinite 9-5 nightmare. However, when the opportunity to quit does arise, it can feel like the best day of one's life. In a r/MaliciousCompliance post, redditor u/Public_Pressure_4516 explains how their cruel boss seemed to get off on constantly reminding employees that they could get fired at any moment, without notice. When OP finally got the…
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Servers Earn More Than Managers Thanks to Big Tips, Boss Responds by Cutting Wages

Tipping is a strange, yet highly normalized custom in American culture. Do you ever stop and wonder about the origins of gratuity in America? The history is pretty damn dark . Nevertheless, tipping workers for their service is deeply embedded into our society and it isn't going away, unless of course, employers start to pay service workers adequately. This r/antiwork post about how a restaurant decided to cut wages because workers were making too much in tips makes us think that's not going to…
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Manager Blasted For Cold Response to Employee's Request to See Dying Sister

Video of woman telling story about quitting job after boss thinks she was lying about sister dying.
Via @hillary.zinks
It's true that the service industry is suffering right now. Nearly every restaurant, cafe, and bar is hiring. While some people have said that it's a result of laziness on the part of workers, we're more inclined to believe that people are starting to get sick of suffering bullshit. TikToker @hillary.zinks is one example of a service worker who wasn't about to allow her employers to treat her like crap. After her sister suffered sudden cardiac arrest that resulted in brain death, Hillary explai…
Dude finds out boss has opened credit card in his name and those of his coworkers, identity theft, wtf.

Underpaid Employees Discover Boss Secretly Opened Credit Cards In Their Names

We see a lot of work horror stories on Reddit - and experience them in real life. I've had several bosses say disgusting things to me (one was, surprisingly, a lawyer) and have suffered from being underpaid and underappreciated for the bulk of my life. And while those plights are pretty awful, they've never straight up committed a crime against me. You'd think a business owner would want to avoid a situation like that, but according to Redditor u/Tronlon, there are, in fact, bosses out there wh…
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An article about Twitter discourse surrounding Fake Jobs sparked by a "Day In The Life of a Tech Worker" TikTok

Tech Worker Sparks Outrage For Having a Fake Job

Is there a significant portion of the workplace who have "fake jobs?" They send a couple of emails, sit around with nothing to do, and only exist to fill a seat? This question has been raised on social media with increasing frequency, as "Day In The Life of A [Blank] Worker" videos on platforms such as TikTok have increased in popularity.
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Frustrated People Explain How Being Poor is Actually Prohibitively Expensive

Being broke is expensive
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An article about a coworker who demands his coworker not say "hey" to him in a Whatsapp message.

Clueless Guy Demands Coworker Not Say "Hey" To Him In Text Message

Texting etiquette between coworkers is a weird science that nobody has truly mastered. Professionalism is an admirable goal, but act too professional, and you can come off as stiff and unlikeable to your colleagues. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to start as professional as possible and read the room, gauging the vibe of different coworkers. However, not everyone will be satisfied with your communication style, as some people are still firmly in the 1800s regarding workplace etiquette.
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The Best Relatable Work Memes This Week (June 27, 2022)

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Employee Gets Admonished For Extra Mileage Expenses, Decides To Take The Toll Route

Well, it is shorter.
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Tweet Encouraging People to Discuss Salaries in the Workplace Sparks Debate

Should we discuss our salaries with our coworkers or not? What was once a workplace faux pas is becoming a common topic among colleagues, and a lot of workers have benefited from more transparency. But when @ramblings_and encouraged the workers of Twitter to discuss pay in the workplace, not everyone was on board. Most people shared stories about how they'd gotten raises after bringing up pay discrepancies to HR, but a number of people argued that it's no one's business how much money they make…
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Gen-Z Run Company Goes Viral for Sharing What They Sign-Off on Emails With

Gen-Z Run Company Goes Viral for the Way They Sign Off On Emails

It's about time boomer office culture gets thrown out the window. Hello to Gen-Z's way of not hiding how you really feel on a business email.
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Job Applicant Applies For Fully Remote Position, Walks Out Of Interview When Employers Reveal It's Hybrid

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Workers Share Times Their Employers Tried to Scam Them Out of Benefits

Signing bonuses. Health insurance. Paid time-off. A good job isn't just about the salary, and often benefits are the main draw of a job for prospective employees . That's why it's totally devastating when shady employers use loopholes to scam their workers out of hard-earned bonuses, holidays, and other promised benefits. Redditor u/FlabertoDimmadome was so indignant on behalf of their brother that they turned to r/antiwork to vent about how an Amazon warehouse was trying to cheat their brother…
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Funny and lazy not my job moments | Walmart Saratoga Springs Old Gick Rd 13 mins O Here at store Saratoga Springs have some pretty cool people would like thank associate's name! Thanks doing such great job, associate's name appreciate WalmartFamily Fine Jewery Seubl Dapping Pou Walmart SARB Asociate ROSEN | Tennessee woman stunned new driver's license has picture empty chair CNN Wire 1 day ago Tenneccee USA DRIVER LICENSE VOLUNTEER STATE NOT FEDERAL IDENTIFICATION DL NO DOB EXP 07/24/2028 iss 0

'Not My Job' Moments of Total Incompetence

F for Effort
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Entitled Boss Expects Employees to Stay at Work During Unpaid Lunch Break

Employment is pretty simple. An employer is supposed to compensate a worker for their time. When said worker is off the clock, they can do whatever the hell they want with their time. You either pay someone for their time or you dismiss them from their duties. Demanding that people stay at work while they're off the clock? Not to get all hyperbolic, but that lowkey sounds like slavery to me.
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Employee Refuses To Extend Shift At Last Minute, Gets Told To Leave Early By Petty Manager

Shady behavior
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