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Algorithm Assigns Employee Very Little Work, Employee Keeps Mouth Shut for Years

Every employee's dream
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Bartenders share their least favorite parts of the job

15+ Bartenders Share the Worst Aspects of Their Jobs

Bless their hearts.
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Employee Says 'No' and Hangs Up on Boss After Being Called Into Work on Day Off

'Normalize saying "no" and hanging up'
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Redditor Gets Hailed As A Hero After Fully Automating Job

Wait until you realize how much they get paid.
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Corporate Slacker Confession Starts Debate On Usefulness Of White Collar Jobs

Sounds like the life.
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15+ Fed Up People Who Quit Their Jobs Without a Backup Plan

Sometimes a job can become so unbearable that you just snap
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Enlightening Thread Reveals The Legend Of The Pittsburgh Toilet

Pure luxury
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Relatable Memes About Life's Dumb Little Struggles

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35 Bleakly Relatable Work Memes For 9-5 Warriors

This one's dedicated to the overworked and underpaid
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Hapless Husband Gets Dressed Down For Watching Wife Shovel Snow After 12 Hour Shift

Seriously dude?
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Tiktok woman allows someone to steal, commenters are supportive of her robin hood-like act.

TikToker Tells Story of Letting an Elderly Man Steal Food From Her Work, Sparks Surprisingly Supportive Discussion

“This comment section passed the vibe check.”
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25+ Dumb & Spicy Tweets That Got People in Trouble

Ah, Twitter.
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Pushy Manager Gets Roasted For Begging Former Employee To Return

Absolutely tragic
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30 Times Someone Didn't Take Their Job Very Seriously

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Twitter users and people share the weirdest and dumbest reasons they got in trouble at work, bad jobs, work,, lol, humor

People Share the Weirdest Things They Got In Trouble For at Work

Some bosses are truly out of their minds.
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Depressing twitter thread about bad work experiences, tweets, bad jobs, bad bosses

People Share Their Worst-Ever Work Stories

What a wonderful world.
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