The Winner Is...

breaking bad wordplay - 7863944960

Boy, ____ Escalated Quickly

that gifs wordplay - 7821504000

Talk Like a Pirate Day: I Sea What You Did There

Bad Joke Eel Memes wordplay - 7809629696

Just Wait, You'll Refresh

puns wordplay - 7778937600

This Guy is Going to Have a Long Gaming Session

soda gaming mountain dew wordplay - 7752379392

Be Careful What You Ask For

birthdays trolling wordplay - 7693815296

It's Like Surgeon Simulator, Just Fishier!

surgeon simulator 2013 fish wordplay - 7657482496
Created by NikolaiKrstic

Jokes and Stuff

puns animal crossing wordplay - 7642535680
Created by Taistelubanaani

The Fastest Way to a Man's Heart is Through His Stomach

cannibalism hannibal wordplay - 7611208192

The Minisoda Vikings are My Favorite Football Team!

soda Minnesota puns wordplay - 7544942336

Sneaky Dwarves

humans whales funny wordplay - 7537385984

Swiss Cheese's Jokes Have Lots of Holes

cheese jokes grocery stores wordplay - 7538282752

And Some Real Hot Oil

wok i got a big wordplay - 7405661952
Created by ConnorFamalam

Super Animal Crossing Bros.

puns falcon punch animal crossing wordplay captain falcon - 7165992448
Via sarah-crossing

Hopefully Your Carrier Has Ways of Shutting It Down

philosoraptor sexting wordplay - 7136273664
See all captions Created by pyropilotman

Better Get Squirtle Over Here

Pokémon fire wordplay - 7256975360