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33 Decent Memes For When The Tedium Hits

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Anyway, Here's Wonderwall

Funny meme that reads, "Me: Hey man can you pass me my guitar; friend: Sure man" above a photo of someone holding up a guitar by its strings
Via Max_Stoned

We All Know THAT Dude

Meme where a smiling guy represents "an enjoyable party" and a Coke bottle hurling toward him represents "dude with an acoustic guitar"
Via Leander17King

I Said Maybe

Funny meme about a lizard playing wonderwall by oasis.
Via stability


Funny meme about wonderwall by Oasis.
Via TuckRaker

Also Knows More Than Two Songs

Good Guy Greg guitar Songs wonderwall - 6052271616
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I Don't Believe That Anybody Cares

college Memes oasis sing song the worst wonderwall - 6010175488
By Unknown