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Female TikTokers Go Wild for 'Sexy' Guy That Mystifies The Rest of the Internet

This is the female gaze?
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A compilation for weird girl memes for weird girls

Weird Memes For Weirdos

Not all memes are for everyone. Some memes are specifically designed for a beautiful woman that's going through something right now. These memes are not made to encapsulate the whole of all human experiences. That would be too easy. These memes are for women on the verge. On the verge of what? Just on the verge. If you get it, you get it. So much online content is made by men about women, and therefore, women are only shown themselves as men see us. That's no good, because the way that men see…
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Brainless Men Who Wrote Women in a Truly Terrible Way

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Women Split Opinion Sharing Schemes They Used to Get Boyfriends

It's a lot of effort
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Twitter stories, tweets about people looking out for women

Wholesome Stories of People Looking Out For Women

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear helmets, others stethoscopes. But some kind-hearted heroes work behind a bar, wielding rags and working for tips. We all know that bartenders have hard jobs. Wrangling drunks and scrambling for tiny tips isn't easy. But we don't often talk about the way bartenders look out for their clientele, whether they're offering an ear to a troubled person, or protecting women from creepy patrons. Twitter user @guttersnipe tweeted about the latter situation this week,…
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A compilation of memes based on painting from throughout art history

Art History Memes For Museum Fiends

I love an art museum : I always have! My mom likes to tell this story about when I was three and visiting the Art Institute of Chicago. Allegedly, I turned to her and said my life had changed forever after visiting that museum. I don't remember saying that, but I do remember that going to museums was an absolute highlight of my childhood. The hard thing about going to museums as an adult is that everybody has different expectations for what you're going to do while you're there. I am a loser wh…
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Women Share the Wildest Lies They Were Told by Men They Dated

True audacity
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Mesmerizing Life of Stay-At-Home Girlfriend Sparks Discussion and Ridicule

Living the dream?
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Just a Bunch of Dimwits Who Have No Idea How Women Work

Because girls have cooties.
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Women List All the Things That Cross a Relationship Boundary Without Cheating

These can be suspicious
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Men Share the Most Audacious Things Women Have Done When Starting to Date

Some big asks
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Woman Gets Put on Blast for Finding Random "Target" to Pay For Her Meal

Head turning like crazy
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A compilation of posts from incels who don't understand women

Insane Posts From Dudes Who Clearly Don't Understand Women

There are so many underbellies of the internet that expose just how much some men truly hate women. They are obsessed with dehumanizing women and seeing them as none other than baby-making machines, put on this earth to be a submissive companion for a man. Even though seeing such blatant sexism can be kind of depressing, it can also be kind of amusing that people actually think like this. My favorite trad hot take is that women were “gatherers” of berries and nuts in ancient civilizations, and…
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Bad gamer takes, offensive gamer takes, lol

Awful Takes From People Who Should Play Less Video Games

Gamers aren't inherently bad. It's not a crime to want to spend hours on the internet, honing skills, streaming on Twitch, and/or indulging in fantasy. In fact, when playing with friends, video games can give you pretty much all the benefits (and maybe more) of a night out with the buds. But when some gamers, perhaps after being holed up for long nights of gaming with like-minded douchebags, are the epitome of misogynistic bros. Twitter account @GamerTakes , while largely inactive, is a goldmin…
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Women share their instant ladyboner killers, turnoffs

Women of the Internet Share Their Instant 'Ladyboner' Killers

“I'm a comedian.” Three words, beginning with a contraction, that make me back away in revulsion. Back when I had Tinder, I listed two kinds of people who I simply would not converse with: The above self-proclaimed funnymen, and burners. Burners, as in Burning Man attendees. These types of people and their personalities (for the most part) couldn't turn me on less. My other major sexual dealbreaker is skipping foreplay, which is harder to assess when swiping on a dating profile . Most people ca…
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Funny memes about menstrual cramps and pain, periods

Painfully Relatable Period Memes For People Who Menstruate

When I got my period I was devastated. I tried to keep it a secret from my parents for as long as possible, wadding up toilet paper and placing it in my underwear like a crude sanitary napkin. That didn't work for long. Soon I was frantically checking my chair for stains, living in fear of getting busted and mocked by my classmates , who already thought I was a total weirdo because I wasn't allowed to wear bras. Middle school was…not my favorite time. Anyway. I was convinced that my parents wou…
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