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Gymgoer Causes Controversy After Thanking Man For Not Watching Her Squat

Peace of mind?
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Woman Sparks Controversy By Pushing Her Way Onto Crowded Subway Train

It’s hard to overstate the beauty of the Big Apple. Between the eye watering property prices and increasingly dramatic floods , who wouldn’t consider it to be a glamorous place to live? As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also the privilege of being able to use its public transport system. The New York Subway is an essential part of getting from points A to B, but it’s not always the most pleasant experience. This is especially true in rush hour, when many can find themselves fighting for a place…
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Funny and stereotypical memes about being a woman | two cats hugging my friend don't have any pads got some? Friend: Yeah got | without concealer vs with 5 layers concealer D.W. Arthur eye bags

20 Feminine Memes Full Of Dumb Stereotypes

All women love the color pink, right...?
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Funny memes featuring a guy seemingly mansplaining something to a woman who looks uninterested | and at point she realized his Dad's oil money wasn't worth bro tales | So like unless sick can't die virus not afraid shit at all and boys destroyed 4 six packs corona last night and this morning woke up fucking champ Imao. But seriously 's just media

14 Bro-y Memes About Mansplaining

Gotta love a good mansplaining!
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Funny memes in honor of women, International Women's Day | Guy like natural girls fake look is so gross sees girl with unshaven legs Guy: disgusted cat | My mom should start liking more girly things Likes girls My mom weren't supposed do Trump

Seventeen Womanly Memes In Honor Of International Women's Day

These are for the ladies!
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International Women's Day Memes

17 Relatable Memes For The Ladies In Honor Of International Women's Day

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sassy memes

15 Sassy Memes For The Ladies That Will Have You Saying 'SAME'

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Links of the Day: Sadistic Raccoons, Martian Women and What You Missed This Weekend

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One Awesome Grandma

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Awkward Moment of the Day: Woman Tries to Pull a Truck in Heels on The Today Show

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Sarah Freeman from Copper Totally Looks Like This woman in 1910

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Woman Have It Tougher

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This Woman Totally Looks Like Lt. Commander Data

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The Frenchman Sums it up

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Well, That Explains It

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