What Have We Done...

Pic of a wolf with thought bubble that reads, "I'm cold and hungry. I see humans around a bonfire. Maybe I can ask for food. What could possibly go wrong?" above text that reads, "3,000 years later" above a pic of a pug wearing a birthday cake hat
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Hindsight is 20/20

Funny meme about the domestication of wolves and other canines into little wimpy dogs.
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Wolves Charge Traffic Cop in Russia

wolves animals - 8066339328
Created by Unknown

Wolf Dog Runs Down a Mountain

cute dogs mountains gifs snow wolves - 8570575360
Created by Unknown

Wolves PLay with Bubbles

wolves gifs critters bubbles - 8548300288

Way to Go Wolf!

wolves cranky winter funny animals - 8063206400
Created by Unknown

Wolf Cub Playing With Leaves

wolves gifs critters - 8486169856
Created by Unknown

What a Friendly Wolf-Dog

wolves dogs gifs critters - 8416503296
Created by ToolBee

Well I Guess It's Late Enough For This to Make Sense

wolves mindwarp gifs critters unicorns - 8409401088
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What a Peculiar Looking Creature

GIF of a strange looking hyena walking toward the camera.
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This Wolf-Kitty Needs Some Rubs

Cats critters gifs rubs want wolves - 8314949120
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Bear Cub And Wolf Cub Wrestle

wolves gifs bears critters cubs - 8309044736
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Wolf Hybrid and Ferret Play With Each Other

wolves gifs ferrets critters - 8202626816
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Wolf Attacks Are No Joke

liars web comics wolves - 8163631616
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