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'Two Guys on a Bus' Memes Are Becoming Highly Advanced

All the greatest hits from the trending format
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Dude posts cringey incel meme, dinosaurs, people roast him on twitter, chad, wojaks

Incel Roasted After Sharing Misogynistic Meme

Not much in this world annoys us as much as an angry " nice guy" who takes pleasure in victimizing themselves while painting a very ugly picture of women. Everyday annoyances don't compare to how frustrating the misdirected ire of a young man who feels scorned or misunderstood by society can be, particularly when it's found all over the internet. Dudes will harass women via direct messages when they're rejected, or make cruel statements from a dark place in their hearts that makes them feel jus…
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Cool video explanation from Know Your Meme about Shroomjak/Mushroom Wojak memes

Video: What Is 'Shroomjak' and Why Are They So Chill?

Memes, demystified.
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Meet 'Shroomjak,' the Wholesome New Wojak Charming the Internet

There's a new wojak in town
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wojak, doomer, gen z, millennial, boomer, baby boomer, property, wealth, generation

The Generational Meme Redux Of 'My Parents In Their 30s'

Newsflash: your parents still had it better than you.
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Oh God It's Me

self deprecating wojak at party meme this is it, this is the ONE they're all thinking things about me
Via @_bexorcist
i wish i was at home meme, wojak, wojak memes, they don't know meme, memes, meta, funny memes, meme format, viral memes, popular memes, funny, party, instagram, twitter, trending memes | They don't know have nut allergy Hereditary movie | is he still here Yes couple crying

20 Memes That Poke Fun At The Vanity Of Online Popularity

They don't know this is a trending meme format
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Funny wojak comic memes featuring trad girl, thank you for changing my life | thank u making feel better literally making feel worse Mitski Lorde singers

20 Memes About Dumb Things People Think Make Life Better

Lots to argue with here.
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funny dank memes about women and men with time machines Wojak comics Trad Girl Doomer Girl Yes Chad | Women with time machine Really am granddaughter Men with time machine Doritos CHEESE gotta try these man Thither êow âdrêogan oððicgan | Women with time machine Really am granddaughter Men with time machine OK. Belisarius Take this and restore Empire

Trending Time Machine Memes Make A Whole Lot Of Gender-Based Generalizations

We love them anyway.
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Funny dank memes featuring Wojak,Trad Wife, Doomer Girl, and Yes Chad - all known as "Wojak Comics" | Girls During art Look at bad this No Emily 's really good! drawing is Boys senate will am senate! decide fate | Oh shaved Yes.

Multi-Layered 'Wojak Comic' Memes Are Still Taking The Internet By Storm

Prepare your brain.
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funny doomer memes, doomer and goth girl, doomerette, wojak, reddit, instagram, dank memes | wojak lady egirl goth with choker and short dark hair. This is every straight couple Bushwick Imao every straight couple bushwick Imao every straight couple bushwick Tap tag location This is every every straight couple Bushwick. iran in 1973 iran in 2019.

Doomer Girl Memes Are Blowin' Up Pretty Much Everywhere

Who is she?
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