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All The Best 'Pondering My Orb' Memes For Anyone Who Isn't Tired of Them

They're everywhere.
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Funny memes about Dungeons & Dragons

D&D Memes For Those Who Can't Get Their Damn Party Together

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Funny memes about dungeons and dragons, dungeons and dragons memes.

25 Dank Dungeons & Dragons Memes For All The Dice Freaks

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Huh, They Really Do

Tumblr post that reads, "Why do 90% of all medicines sound like cool wizard names" above an illustration of a wizard with a comment below that reads, "It is I, Zyrtec the Allmighty"
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What A Good Deal

Funny online advertisement of a guy selling an "invisibility cloak" for $300
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Collection of funny memes about Harry Potter in celebration of the series 20th anniversary.

17 Funny Wizarding Memes In Celebration of Harry Potter's 20th Anniversary

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Looks Like You've Got a Wizard

dogs wizard Cats image - 8988261632
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Don't Tell Me What To Do, Father of Time

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Good Wizard, Bad Teacher

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Keep Guns Away from Sentient Trees

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cops scifi wizard Video - 76071681

Wizard Cops is the Best, Weirdest Video I've Watched All Day

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When Life Hands You Lemons

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gadaffi gryffindor Harry Potter wizard - 4537072384
See all captions Created by VitaVolpe


inappropriate magic van wizard wtf - 4103826432
Created by Unknown

When Magic and Muggle Meet

Harry Potter cars wizard funny - 8471817728
Created by Unknown

The Friendliest Snake

Harry Potter wizard funny snake - 8448980224
Created by Unknown
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