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Funny Times Video Games Were Unexpectedly Wise

Sometimes you can find poignant wisdom and sage advice in the most unlikely places, like Persona 3 or Metal Gear Solid. Twitter account @VGAdvisor (Video Game Advisor) does an excellent job documenting all the amusing times video games were unexpectedly wise. Who knew important lessons about consent were woven into Mario & Luigi? Even more proof that video games are an underrated art form. We've collected some of our favorite examples from @VGAdvisor, but be sure to check out the account for mo…
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funny memes, memes, video games, video game memes, super mario bros, metal gear solid, 8 bit, advice, wise, deep, vintage games, funny, nerdy memes, nostalgic | when tired or hurt best thing do is just get some sleep. So do yourself favor and take nap. | what's Most frightening is humans, not monsters.

40+ Times Video Games Were Surprisingly Wise

Gotta love accidental memes
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Insightful Thread Reveals How People Improved Their Lives With Simple Changes

Happiness isn't something that just drops into your lap one day like winning the lottery. Joy doesn't simply arrive after some sort of spontaneous spiritual awakening. Quality of life is largely dependent on the conditions of one's environment, and although many of the things that affect those conditions are out of our control, some of them are. And as mundane as it sounds, sometimes it's the little changes that improve quality of life in ways we wouldn't expect. Like getting a trolly for carryi
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Uplifting memes that contain wise advice | Don't worry about finding right person Focus on BECOMING right person | erica williams simon O @missewill Best career advice can give: Don't ever attach yourself person place company, an organization or project. Attach yourself mission calling purpose ONLY s keep power peace s worked pretty well thus far.

Nineteen Uplifting Memes That Spit Straight Wisdom

Keep your chin up!
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Wise Words

Pic of Steve Irwin and his family with quote below that reads, "Crocodiles are easy. They try to kill and eat you. People are harder . Sometimes they pretend to be your friend first"
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They Were So Wise

Tweet that reads, "Damn, Smash Mouth was right. The years start coming and they really don't stop coming"
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Sometimes It's The Kids Who Are The Most Wise

Sign that asks kids random questions about marriage and relationships
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This Kid Is Wise

kids funny t shirts wise - 8340041984
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How Very Wise

mother wisdom wise - 7308966912
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crotch fight hilarious portals wise - 5824569088
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gtfo Pure Awesome sign wise - 5221856512
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graph hilarious internet wise - 4744795648
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All hail the Frog Overlord.

animal frog nature wise - 4393702656
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