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People Share the Best Pieces of 'Micro Advice' They Got From Their Parents

(Don't) sweat the small stuff
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People Discuss Sobering Truths That Many of Us Ignore

No more turning a blind eye
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funny times stupid people got school by science | Matihew Wilox DEAR ATHEISTS is cavemen survived asteroid but dinosaurs didn't? Mara Bangs Trick keep safe distance dinosaurs about 65 million years or so seemed do trick | B.o.B Follow @bobati cities background are approx. 16miles apart where is curve please explain this murderedbywords With circumference 24901 miles are looking at curvature around .2 degrees, or little more than 10 feet at 16 miles away. May say curvature is still significantly

Entertaining Times Knowledge Was Dropped on Stupid People

Got 'em.
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Funny Times Video Games Offered Wisdom & Advice

Video games can be notoriously unhelpful—it's almost like an inside joke among video game creators who like to do a little trolling in the loading screen. Sometimes the advice is embedded in the game dialogue itself, like when Para-Medic says “when you get shot, you'll sometimes offer a gunshot wound” in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. It's not all bad and unhelpful, though. Twitter account @VGAdvisor is an excellent repository of video game wisdom and advice, mostly from older video games tha…
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People Talk About Their Opinions That Changed When They Grew Up

Adulthood sucks
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Twitter thread from @CArolineMoss of free therapy, the best things people learned in therapy, anxiety, depression | tweet by CarolineMoss If go therapy quote tweet this with best thing learned at therapy way everyone else can get free therapy. mrskimyadawson Replying CarolineMoss Anxiety causes put things off lot and group therapy worked on 15 minute rule If something feels impossibly overwhelming set timer work on 15 minutes and takes away about swan dive into bottomless hole feeling.

'Free Therapy' Twitter Thread Is Chock Full Of Wisdom

"If you go to therapy quote tweet this with the best thing you learned at therapy that way everyone else can get free therapy."
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You're Welcome

Senpai computer tip for scrolling
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Uplifting memes that contain wise advice | Don't worry about finding right person Focus on BECOMING right person | erica williams simon O @missewill Best career advice can give: Don't ever attach yourself person place company, an organization or project. Attach yourself mission calling purpose ONLY s keep power peace s worked pretty well thus far.

Nineteen Uplifting Memes That Spit Straight Wisdom

Keep your chin up!
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Good advice, positive words, positive affirmations, quotes that make your life feel better.

23 Positive Nuggets Of Wisdom For Anyone Who Needs Them

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Wise Words

Pic of Steve Irwin and his family with quote below that reads, "Crocodiles are easy. They try to kill and eat you. People are harder . Sometimes they pretend to be your friend first"
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Sometimes It's The Kids Who Are The Most Wise

Sign that asks kids random questions about marriage and relationships
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So Insightful

wisdom quote image - 8997033216
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Wise Words to Live By

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Earthy Wisdom

worms wisdom earth web comics - 8803555072
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Inspiration to Go Eat a Pizza

image wisdom death Inspiration to Go Eat a Pizza
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Don't I Know It

pizza signs wisdom Don't I Know It
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