A compilation of random screenshots from Wikipedia

Funny Out of Context Moments From the Deepest Corners of Wikipedia

Wikipedia ; the fountain of forbidden knowledge. Is it accurate? Is it all made up? Who cares! Wikipedia was founded in 2001 and has been an essential tool for researchers of the online persuasion ever since. If you grew up in the 2000s, you remember being told by your teachers not to use Wikipedia unless you want to get a big fat F on your paper. That threat put the fear of God into many young Wikipedia users. Although not peer-reviewed in the technical sense, Wikipedia is a very convenient so…
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20 Funny & Out-of-Context Wikipedia Gems

Wikipedia is a goldmine of entertainment
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Amusingly Weird Gems Found in the Depths of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a goldmine of strange & funny facts
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Weird & Funny Times Memes Crash-Landed Into Wikipedia Entries

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Strange, Mundane And Charming Excerpts From The Treasure That Is Wikipedia

Is this the greatest website ever?
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Girl Shows Her Great Uncle Wikipedia, Starts Wholesome Discussion About Older Generations And The Internet

As digital natives, it’s easy to fall into the habit of complaining about the internet. It often feels like it sucks up a lot of our time for no good reason, and there are plenty of valid criticisms to be made about misinformation, abuse and screen addiction. However, when thinking about our own online experiences we can lose sight of those that differ. For the many in older generations who are unfamiliar with the internet, its benefits can be far more appreciated — and it isn’t limited to the …
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24 Comically Clever 'TL;DR Wikipedia' Posts

If Wikipedia had a word limit
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They'll Never Know The Difference

Funny meme about using the wikipedia sources to fool teachers, dog, shiba inu
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Not Helpful, Wikipedia

Funny meme about how Wikipedia puts word pronunciations on its pages but it is difficult to read | Me on wikipedia: Hmm, I've never seen that name before. I wonder how it's pronounced? Wikipedia:
Via zone300

Ready & Willing

Funny meme about dying on a breast-shaped hill.
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Party Pooper

Funny tweet by a guy who explains that every time he gets drunk he edits the state of Missouri to look bigger on Wikipedia and that someone ratted him out for it
Via Crazyguydave

So Where Should I Start

Caption that reads, "*On a first date;* Her: So tell me about yourself; Me: ..." above a screenshot of a Wikipedia page with sections "Early Life," "The First Disaster," and "Additional Disasters
Via lindisty0110

We All Have One

Funny meme about jesus' hoe phase.
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Aww, Thanks Wikipedia!

Drake meme where the top panel represents Wikipedia and "Using ads" and the second panel represents Wikipedia and "Respectfully ask its users to donate money in order to keep the site running without ads"
Via HitDude47

Fooled Ya, Teach

Caption that reads, "When a teacher says you can't use Wikipedia as a reference so you use the references from Wikipedia as the source" above a still of Dave Chappelle saying, "Modern problems require modern solutions"
Via capttaain

Caught Red-Handed

Woman tweets that her son said something very profound, someone replies that there's no way he said that, and proves it with a Wikipedia screenshot that calls her a liar on social media
Via eldieron24
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