Wii is a video game console by Nintendo, it introduced motion controlled gaming. The Wii is seen as more physically demanding than other game consoles,  Wii Sports games such as tennis were very popular. 

One of These is Not Like the Others

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When That Wii Menu Music Come on in the Club

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9/10 Cats Love It

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And People Say the Wii Didn't Have Mature Games

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This Might Actually be the Worst Video Game Ever Made

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You Are No Longer Allowed to Play the Wii

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Welp, Time to Rage Quit

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Don't Shake the Baby!

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Good Game Metroid Prime 3 Corruption

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All Platforms Are Equally Horrible

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The Horse Is the Controller

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Surprise System Seller?

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Monado Here, Monado There...

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A Lot of People Are Still Confused About the Difference Between the Wii and Wii U

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The Irony

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