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'And curl that wig': 4th grader gives her mom hilarious instructions on how to dress for her class birthday party

She knows exactly what she wants
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Patient Berates Nurse for 'Unprofessional Wigs', Gets Schooled on Why She Wears Them

Style with purpose
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It All Makes Sense Now

Funny meme about how Taylor Swift is actually Napoleon Dynamite in drag
Via PsychopathicCircus

Maybe It's Part of Her Powers?

stranger things wig image - 8986486272
Via mrpunk2u

Dugtrio Who?

Pokémon wig image - 8984164864
Via venonats

Does it Bite?

walking the dog wig - 6977619456

That's One Ugly Baby

wig family portrait sloth - 6940483072
Via Neatorama

Your Death Shall But Cute and Painless

clowns wig Cats - 6186524416
Created by Duperandoo ( Via Cracked )

Samantha L. Jackson

Memes pulp fiction Samuel L Jackson wig - 6367555072
Created by Patricknt

He Must Be Off to Recycle Those Bottles

bottles costume old guy wig wtf - 5064294656
Created by maxystone

Florence Welch Totally Looks Like Noel Fielding in a Wig

comedians drag musicians wig - 4739853056
Created by fresjp


maru Memes wig - 4525094912
Via absolutef*

Wig Dog Totally Looks Like Susan Sarandon

actress animals dogs susan sarandon wig - 4439191552
Created by Unknown

Dumbledore: Oh Snap!

chest hair dumbledore Memes wig your mom - 4416741376
Created by SolidSnakeNZ


dogs gary spivey hair TV wig - 2146457344
Created by reaperdoctor