Doctor Informs Woman She Has Been Sending Loads Of Photos Of Her Private Parts To The Wrong Email Address

Doctor Informs Woman She Has Been Sending Photos Of Her Privates To The Wrong Email Address

A tiny misunderstanding
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Cringey story about a tattoo designer who got called out for stealing designs off of Google

Tattoo Artist Gets Exposed For Blatantly Stealing Designs From Google

When you get caught in a glaringly obvious web of lies , the best policy is generally to just own up to it. Nobody's falling for your BS anyway so it's probably best to not make yourself look even more stupid. This "tattoo artist" blatantly stole a bunch of their designs from other artists off of Google and then continued to play dumb after being called out . And the worst part? The copied art is definitely not as good as the original!
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Amazon Delivery Mix-Up Turns Into World's Most Awkward Situation

Amazon Delivery Mix-Up Turns Into An Extremely Awkward Situation

Sometimes the Amazon delivery people screw up, and that's okay - they're human after all and life goes on. And if you're a decent person, you'll handle the situation with grace. That means not turning into a Karen on a phone call with someone in India, and not knocking on every one of your neighbors doors convinced that they stole it. While they can undoubtedly be a pain in the a$$, sometimes these screw-ups lend themselves to, shall we say, less-savory happenstances? Like that time my downstai…
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Minor fails and workplace blunders, funny, lol | the word STOP misspelled as SOTP painted on the road | FLOATS ON WATER rs Float dick smith Talk drowned phone sunken bottom of aquarium

Harmlessly Humorous Workplace Fails And Blunders

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Funny and cringey times people didn't know who they were talking to

Cringey Times People Didn't Know Who They Were Talking To

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funny fails and minor moments of stupidity | This will always be funny Jesse Chavez ordered one large pizza and came idk if joke but literally nothing on just crust no sauce cheese toppings nothing. 41 minutes ago Like· Reply Pizza Hut O Jesse would like hear more about this order. Please contact us at with details. ASB 21 minutes ago Like Jesse Chavez My bad fam high ass fuck and opened pizza upside down Edited Like | So our local children's hospital re- cently redecora

Minor Fails & 'Whoops' Moments of Bad Judgment

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Funny and cringey design fails featuring phallic and sexual looking logos | TM Dirty Bird FRIED CHICKEN | State Vermont PURE MAPLE SYRUP

20+ Hilariously Questionable Logo Designs

Just wow.
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Funny images of fails | accidentally put my leather gloves washing machine. tiny shrunk gloves | water hose attached to a fire hydrant passing through the window of a car blocking the path

Fail-Filled Pics From People Who Aren't Having The Best Day

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Funny tweets about Muriel Bowser tweeting lewd anime porn

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Accidentally Tweets Lewd Anime Meme

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Funny attempts, funny fails | hoodie that shows the wrong message when the hood is down: ANTI ANIMAL CRUELTY CLUB ANIMAL CRUELTY CLUB. tweet by Heatherrnab Applied job and got this email back Dear Heather attached Jamie Oliver Chilli Beef Recipe not CV. CV file: Chilli Beef.docx

33 Valiant Attempts That Totally Crashed And Burned

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Funny photos, mildly interesting, photos taken at the right time.

30 Mildly Interesting Photos Taken At Exactly The Right Time

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Brody Jenner mocked on Twitter after sharing sponsored Gradient app filters, digital blackface, roasted | Brody Jenner @BrodyJenner need try this new feature gradient app s crazy #Gradient AFRICA ASIA INDIA | DeeDee Abdullat @DeeDeeAAbdullat Replying BrodyJenner There are some sponsorships people shouldn't take, this is one them is Yikes

Twitter Users Slam Brody Jenner For Digital Blackface

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Funny Twitter meme that reads, "The good news is my custom face mask arrived, the bad news is that they printed my face 20% too large" above a photo of a guy wearing a ridiculous-looking face mask
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Do Ittt

Funny interactive meme that reads, "Ruin a date in 4 words"
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Funny photos of times people messed up their cooking | too much cooked rice it's lifting the lid from the pot | glasses baked into a loaf of bread

Fifteen Times Amateur Cooks Really Blew It In The Kitchen

Time for Postmates!
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Funny tweet that reads, "Tried to pull up my sleeve and accidentally punched myself. It's okay, I've had it coming for some time now"
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