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Funny tweets, weird tweets, relatable tweets | tweet by Mashhhuu professor: ok first day just gonna go over syllabus white girl planner: Monday going over syllabus. tweet by infinitesimull Please insert card Do not remove card Do not remove card Do not re REMOVE CARD NOW! REMOVE NOW! OH MY GOD ARE CRAZY GET OU

20+ Clever & Relatable Tweets We Wish We'd Wrote Ourselves

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Funny memes, plant memes, house plants | Kylo Ren with long blonde hair shouting more and a huge collection of plants
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15 Of Our Favorite Hilarious And Shiny Gems From White People Twitter

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She *Was* In A Sorority But She's Like Totally Into Crystals Now

Starter pack for a basic white girl
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G'luck Indeed Weary Traveler!

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Is Dr. Dre a Real Doctor?


Put Yer Fishin' Boots On!

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i cant even Starbucks white girls - 8458848768
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The Sixth Spice Girl

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In 9 Months, There Will Be Another White Girl in the World

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Put Yer Fishin' Boots On!

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Venti Ball, Go!

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E) Literally Unable to Even

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What Do White Girls and Prime Numbers Have in Common?

Bad Joke Eel tumblr white girls - 8128360704

Pumpkin Spice or Peppermint White Mocha?

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Stuff White Girls Say... to Black Girls

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