The sight of a quite slight bright white light might downright contrite, but it will be all right

Y'all Like The Sprinkler?

Caption that reads, "When I try to dance" above an ad that reads, "Crest - Noticeably White"
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So Cultured

Funny meme about white women saying gracias to
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It's Not Urban Anymore!

funny memes new york white oscar nomination
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Sorry Bros

when you get pulled over but remember you're white
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A New Slogan

Ad white slogan dance toothpaste - 6993974784
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Have You Tried Looking On the Ground, Perhaps?

expression Hall of Fame question similar sounding slang white - 5719557376
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Money Is the Root of...Whitey?

aladdin money funny white - 8306604544
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Love Has Many Secrets

lies white love funny black dating - 8212267264
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Somehow Something Seems Off...

wtf white idiots funny black - 8036106752
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White Will Smith Totally Looks Like Bruce McGivern

totally looks like white - 7958604288
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Pro-Tip: Don't Wear White Pants

poorly dressed farts pants white funny - 7874232320
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Worst Power

power rangers white funny - 7775982336
Created by Unknown

Not Trying Hard Enough

dancing people white funny - 7673192192
Created by Unknown

How to Tell if You Need to Clean Your Screen

white screens - 7629202432
Created by Sup123

And Blue and Red Weren't Racist?

Pokémon white racist black - 4523194368
Created by The671Pinoy

Apparently Yes

white black yes - 4522553088
Created by WilliamKeckler
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