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"How about you send the kids and you can do your own thing": Grandparents exclude wheelchair-using son-in-law from their Christmas vacation

It's abundantly clear that we don't live in a particularly accessible world. According to the American's With Disabilities Act , an “accessible" place is “a site, facility, work environment, service, or program that is easy to approach, enter, operate, participate in, and/or use safely and with dignity by a person with a disability.” Despite the ADA being signed into law in 1990, most buildings and businesses still aren't accessible to wheelchair users. The ADA demands that only government buil…
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'You can just leave your wheelchair there': Wheelchair User Schools Theme Park Employee on Casual Ableism With Malicious Compliance

Simple yet effective
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Elon Musk Accuses Former Twitter Employee of Faking Disability

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'Tis But A Scratch!

Funny meme that reads, "The perfect cosplay doesn't exi -" above a photo of someone cosplaying the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail in a wheelchair
Via captaincaaveman

You Know Kanye Had To Do It To 'Em

Headline that reads, "Kanye Scores 106 Points Against Wheelchair Basketball Team"
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Have Some Respect

Funny word play meme about standing up to cancer, guy in wheelchair.
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Funny meme of a man in a wheelchair looking at an ad on an elevator which says "today is the day we take the stairs." Meme text says "Not today."
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Never Felt Safer!


What's Your Excuse?

ropes mindwarp gifs arms wheelchair - 8508167424

Pugs Celebrating The Holidays

dogs gifs cute pugs wheelchair - 8403373568

One Tough Old Geezer

guns old guy wheelchair funny - 8379453952

Wheels On Wheels

gifs win skateboarding wheelchair - 8343574784
Via Bing

Wheel That Didn't Go as Expected

ouch FAIL gifs wheelchair ramps - 8301108992

You Don't Need No Ramps

wheelchair irony funny - 8287874304

Who Knew It Was That Easy?

sign wtf miracles stand up wheelchair - 8281971456
Created by Takemaru

Careful You'll End Up in a Wheelchair

FAIL gifs loops wheelchair - 8263945728
Via Brown Cardigan
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