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Text that reads, "I'd like to buy 12 Os" above Wheel of Fortune board where the filled-in letters read, "Gl...Ria"
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Funny bird meme, wheel of fortune.
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22 Killer Memes To Get Your Hump Day Goin'

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Funny list of tweets from Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak, twitter jokes, sarcasm, sassy, social media.

21 Times Pat Sajak Slayed Twitter With His Sass And Sarcasm

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Eenie, Meenie, Miney...

Funny meme about the government playing wheel of fortune with our rights.
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Best Episode Ever

Funny meme about man with an eye patch on the Wheel of Fortune, tries to buy an "I" - funny because i = eye.
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Why Don't You Rent Diamonds, Too

funny web comic about how milennials cant buy anything.
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Physical Abuse Would Wheely Hurrt

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wheel of fortune vine cringe Awkward - 75508225

When Someone Who Isn't Really Your Friend Gives You a Shoutout

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I'd Like to Finish Off the Puzzle, Pat!


I Gotta Get on This Show

wheel of fortune that sounds naughty - 8557295872
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"Luck Be in the Air Tonight"

wheel of fortune Video - 67096833

These Twin Brothers May Be the Most Awkward Pair of Contestants to Ever Be on Wheel of Fortune

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wheel of fortune Video g rated - 66936321

Brandon Needs to Work on His Waving Technique

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I'd Like to Finish Off the Puzzle, Pat!

wheel of fortune Spider-Man - 8321344768
wheel of fortune Spider-Man - 63740929

You've Got to Be Kidding Me...

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