It's A Win-Win Situation!

Tweet that reads, "Having a boyfriend is great because I always have someone to gossip to and he won't tell anyone because he wasn't listening in the first place"
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Wait, What?

Tweet about a guy saying he's trying to eliminate all cancers, and then saying he's next going to eliminate all virgos
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"After 10 years I finally realized that Phineas and Ferb are shaped like the letters P and F"
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dogs law and order cute what Video - 82644225

Brace Yourselves for This Shocking Fan Made Into to Law and Order: SVU

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No Hecks Given

image smiley face heck No Hecks Given
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Ben Carson Truly Knows the Measure of a Man (or Woman)

ben carson presidential campaign fruit Ben Carson Truly Knows the Measure of a Man (or Woman)
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what wrestling Video - 76416257

This Powerful Display of Masculinity Will Have You Asking Yourself, "What Did I Just Watch?"

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Where's the Lie?

furries ruin everything
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Pokémon pruto what dolan - 8576123392
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Floating Money

gifs magic mindwarp money what - 4969979392
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How I Trolled Some Pencil Sharpeners

rage pencil sharpener swag Game of Thrones South Park extra panel mountain dew what doritos skateboard TF2 - 8544670976
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australia cars what Video win - 70542849

Presenting the World's Most Australian Exchange Between Two People

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what Video - 70135041

The Toughest Part of Military Training Has to Be the Rubber Chicken Composure Test

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Wouldn't it be Nice to Live in This Kind of Fantasy World?

conspiracy what - 8313242112
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Ever Wanted to Hit the Great Outdoors AND Look Like a Giant Dork?

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What Are Bathrooms for Again?

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