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Home Worker Finds Solidarity After Admitting She Needs "Emotional Support Movie" Put On In The Background To Do Her Job

It's comforting, apparently
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Bleak Thread Gets Riled Up Over Smug Adverts About Returning To The Office

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So True

Funny meme about cat and dog editorials | competing editorials today Why Not Work at Home Forever? Work By A Dog America Needs To Get Back to By A Cat
Via @memebase
Funny and creative zoom backgrounds shared on twitter | Tiger King Joe Exotic hannah @hanneypoo Please appreciate my zoom background work today | Alex Washburne @Alex_Washburne Custom zoom background is all about flex. Let my grandkids know their grandpa lived large. toilet paper

Crafty Twitter Users Show Off Their Funny & Creative Zoom Backgrounds

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Should I Give Them My Real Address?

not sure if work wfh - 7405819392
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