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Bizarre Memes In Glorious Flyer Form

Paper put to good use.
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Crazed & Crackpot Moments From U.S. Politics

The greatest nation on earth
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Entertaining Examples Of Unscrupulous Signage

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Questionable Images That Must Have A Backstory

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An Unnerving Compilation of Cursed and Upsetting Images

Hello, 911?
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Dude Challenges TikTokers to Break Open a Sugar Packet by Throwing it Against a Wall, Challenge was Accepted, But Now They Want His Skin...

Dude Challenges TikTokers to Break Open a Sugar Packet by Throwing it Against a Wall, Challenge was Accepted, But Now They Want His Skin

People are ridiculously throwing sugar packets against walls and commenting on this poor man's video that they want him as a skin suit…
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Daft And Demented YouTube Thumbnails That Someone Really Sat Down And Made

Talk about clickbait
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Chaotic Cat Memes That Are Both Silly And Sad

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Woman’s Mix Up With Personalized Shower Curtain Delivery Leads To Hilarious Results

They're watching you
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Bemused Daughter Shares Mom’s Vegetatively Odd Hobby With The World

“You can take the girl out of the dirt, but you can’t take the dirty out of the girl.”
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Dude Goes Ape On Subway, Nobody Knows How To React

City life
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Confounding Find In Dorm Shower Cubicle Prompts Hilarious Response

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Couple's Innocent Game Gets Weird When Husband Pressures Blindfolded Spouse to Sign 'Papers'

Every couple has their mundane problems, but what does it say about your relationship when you start to suspect your partner of conspiring against you? Either some underlying trust issues have always been lurking just under the surface of your otherwise healthy relationship, or maybe you really have been living with a duplicitous psychopath all along. Redditor u/ThrowRAissuesRA turned to Reddit for advice after a series of seemingly harmless games with their husband took an unsettling turn.
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People Can’t Stop Going “Goblin Mode” Thanks To Fiendish New Meme

Pure chaos
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Utterly Damned Images For Eyeball Poisoning Purposes

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20+ Absurd Posts From The Miiverse, Nintendo’s Forgotten Social Network

What a place
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