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20+ Weird & Cringey Whisper Posts

Any of you remember  the Whisper app? The application was designed to be a fully anonymous social media platform, in which users upload their thoughts as text, and place it upon a photo of their choice - or an image from the Whisper gallery. The anonymous aspect of the app definitely appeals to angsty teens, making many of the posts seem kind of melodramatic and immature. But as is the case with many social media channels, there are users who use it in a strange, chaotic, or straight up stupid way. Twitter account @whispers_finest painstakingly collects these Whisper moments, providing us with a daily dose of cringe and WTF. You can find some of their latest and greatest below, but check out their feed and smash that follow button for more (and raunchier) funny stuff. 

Weird and funny cringe pics from the whisper app, confessions, anonymous | only guy my family with man bun. They think insane. | do men eat raspberry's? whisper
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