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Funny Accidental Optical Illusions Caught In the Wild

The mind is a trickster, often making us feel like something is not quite as it seems through easily deceived eyes. Optical illusions are all around us. We just don't really notice them unless they're frozen in time by a photograph. Because a picture is flat, it's easy for our brains to perceive them differently than they really are. That's why you should never trust images. But once you come to terms with the fact that every image is a lie, then you can start to really enjoy them. We've got a…
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A Cursed Collection Of Animals Going Full Goblin Mode

So powerful
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Perplexing 'Glitch in the Matrix' Moments Caught in the Wild

What even is real?
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20 Troubling Signs That Aren't Messing Around

We get the message
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Confusing Perspective & Optical Illusions Caught in the Wild

Prepare to get your mind warped
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A Bunch Of Dumb & Dank Memes For Dedicated Meme Freaks

It's meme time
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memes, funny memes, textbooks, illustration, accidental memes, science diagrams, weird pics, science, funny images | Fear Fear/Mild Threat Threat Eye Rolling Horse emotions | Air is forced into nasopharynx by occluding one nostril and squeezing Politzer bag. Meanwhile patient is told say "cuckoo" or "Coca Cola close soft palate positive pressure nasopharynx travels through eustachian tube into middle ear, and patient hears snapping sound.

Out Of Context Diagrams That Became Accidental Memes

That old Science 101 textbook of yours is a meme goldmine
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40+ Scientific Diagrams & Odd Textbook Images That Look Like Memes

These pics are begging to be meme'd
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45 Memes, Tweets & Funny Pics For Some Easy Amusement

It's time for memes
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Funny Memes, Weird Pictures, Novelty, Illustration, Science, Funny Tweets | As dog learns behavior is being reinforced eventually learns produce desired behavior: surfing! | LATER HOMO H. sapiens (mødern huma H. antecessor ctus kloresiensis

43 Accidental Memes Discovered In Textbooks

Memes can be found in the strangest places.
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Wasp Cup

Funny Memes, Animal Memes, Funny Pics | wasp in a plastic cup with contents spelled on the label
Via BleebBloop
Funny Memes, Dank Memes, Random Memes, Nerdy Memes, Cat Memes | do u even lift yeah SEALED LIFT OPEN Cookie Milk Oreo | person with Bob Ross' face shaved into the back of their heads

A Wild Batch Of Dumb Memes And Bizarre Pics

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Funny Memes, Dank Memes, Absurd Memes, Random Memes, Stupid Puns, Funny Comments | left birth control out fuck off dad rollerblades | Purebread dogs vs. inbread dogs sweetkaratemoves bread in the shape of dogs and actual dogs wearing slices of bread over their faces

Massive Meme Dump For Absurd Minds

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Funny random memes and weird pictures | cluedont @cluedont Day 18 lock down. Filled dog with helium. | if there are infinite universes then come got stuck one where im sad all time MILK

Forty-One Dumb Memes And Pics For A Dose Of Strange Entertainment

In need of some high-quality entertainment? You've come to the right place.
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weird japan, wonderful japan | pic of American Cherry Pie inspired Starbucks drink in Japan | koi fish swimming in the water drainage canals in Japan

22 Japan Pics That Are Equal Parts Weird And Fascinating

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Cringey Posts That Are The Definition of 'OOF'

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