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Cursed Images That Are Messed Up in Their Own Unique Ways

Living and working on the internet can lead to a sort of jadedness that makes everything a little less interesting and also a little less enjoyable. While I can't pretend to be the world's leading expert on internet culture, I can tell you for sure that I've seen my fair share of memes and weird internet pictures. And, of course, a crap ton of cutesy animal content. The latter of which does not want to die. And honestly, the world is a pretty depressing place, so we understand the demand, even…
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Weird Fail-Filled Images That Left Us With Questions

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Hilarious dramatic stock photo memes

14 Stock Photo Memes That'll Put A Big Fake Smile On Your Face

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Mildly interesting photos, animals.

64 Mildly Interesting Photos That'll Stimulate Your Brain Blob

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23 Weird AF Stock Photos That Will Leave You With Questions

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Yeah Really Weird Charger...

Caption that reads, "Am I the only one whose charger looks like this? (Excuse my feet BTW)" above a pic of a girl holding a destroyed charger and weird feet that look like creepy hands below
Via Jpa1137

It's Real You Guys!

Stock photo of a guy holding a pineapple exclaiming, "Omg they made Spongebob's house into a real thing LMAO"
Via Thesleepymemequeen