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Works Every Time!

Fake sign telling you to try yelling if you're feeling angry or stressed out
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Uhh, Yeah I'll Pass

Headline that reads, "Your cable company doesn't want you to know this trick" above a weird pick of a woman climbing up some cable lines; someone on Twitter comments, "You know what? I don't want to know that trick either"
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cover image of a frog holding a knife

Surreal Tumblr Ads Are Really Weirding People Out

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Iron Man's Totally Useless Sidekick!

Snapchat text overlay that reads, "You've met Iron Man, now get ready for..." over a pic of a small busy for sale of a Pineapple Boy'
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He Attac

Caption that reads, "I feel like this crab is threatening me" above a seafood advertisement with a pic of a crab and a text blurb that reads, "Get out of London"
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He's Always There!

Funny sign advertisement for 'Joe the People Follower' who follows you around and makes you feel less lonely
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He Doesn't Discriminate

Advertisement by a guy claiming he'll eat any spiders in your home
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