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24 Amusing Memes That'll Give You That Friday Feeling

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Homer Simpson Understands Me

Still from The Simpsons of Homer lying on the couch in his pajamas saying, "I love these lazy Saturdays" above another still of Marge coming in and saying, "It's Wednesday, Homer"
Via Palc_temoc2

I Mean, Weekends ARE For Couch-Potato-ing

the office tv shows weekends pop culture Michael Scott funny - 9144872960
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Funny memes about dogs, dating, makeup, food, drinking, gas, alcohol, the office, weekends, friends, hurricane irma, hurrican katia, hurricane jose, hurricane harvey, summer, fall, leaves, pumpkins.

42 Funny Memes To Help Cure Your Sunday Blues

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Collection of funny memes about work, mcdonalds, cats, naps, masturbation, marriage, the weekend, lady gaga, fashion, texting, tans, summer, friendship, social media, alec baldwin.

Lunch Break: 17 Memes to Distract You From Your Pain

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Sleeping In On Weekends

weekends sleeping - 8500239360
Created by Forty61

Is It Friday Yet?


They Go By So Fast

jupiter weekends saturday - 8158637056

My Weekly Plan

weekends - 8134048512
Created by depurplepotato

Every Weekend

lol me gusta weekends oh god why partying - 7978034944
Created by zeeky2004

Weekend Without the Girlfriend

weekends relationships expectation vs. reality - 7953332992
Created by Unknown

Nights Out Always End the Same Way

weekends - 7881513728
Created by ShanVsFood

Every Single Weekend

aaand-its-gone weekends Memes - 7863971072
Created by Unknown

Listen to What Your Body Tells You

trollface weekends - 7850403584
Created by Unknown

Every Weekend

weekends weather - 6544845312
Created by Unknown

Weekends: Cool in Theory, Not So Much in Reality

weekends moms all the things parenting TV Party video games Okay - 7800908544
Created by CrazyCalvinWilliams
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