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Anime Memes For Self-Proclaimed Weebs

We are living in the golden age of the anime fandom. Long past are the days of weebs being bullied and degraded for their interests in anime series and movies. Now, even the most normal normie has seen at least one piece of anime IP. I went to a high school in Texas that was utterly obsessed with athletic achievement, and even there, most of the guys on the football team watched anime. If you're a weeb, you should hold your head high: Cosplay in public, brandish your favorite characters on your…
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'Naruto Shippuden' Memes for Weebs & Anime Fans

Did you know that Naruto Uzumaki's birthday is October 10th? That means Naruto is a Libra. Librans are typically extroverted, friendly, fun-loving, and are concerned with attaining justice in the world. This pretty much perfectly describes Naruto Uzumaki, who is cheerful and loves to prank his fellow villagers. As the series progresses, Naruto proves to be a good and kindhearted person, who is always loyal to his friends. We've rounded up a bunch of Naruto Shippuden memes for anime fanatics and…
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The Best Nerdy 'Naruto' Memes for Anime Fans

The most viral Naruto- related meme was probably back in 2019 during the storming of Area 51 when someone did an epic Naruto run in the background of a live news broadcast. Even today, the Naruto runner is used over and over again in memes that often have little to do with the series. But hardcore weebs and anime fans know that there are tons of Naruto memes out there that are too niche for the general population. We've put together a collection of the best nerdy Naruto memes for manga -heads a…
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Relatable Anime Memes Only Nerds Will Understand

Every fandom has its memes
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Humorous Thread Discusses How Weebs Make The Best Fast Food Workers

Who knew?
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Weeb Memes for Shameless Anime Addicts

For nerds who have nothing left to watch
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High School ‘Anime Club’ Video From 2004 Is a Time Capsule of Comedy Gold

The aughts are back, baby. Haven't you heard? Steve from Blue's Clues has returned. Britney Spears is free. The Matrix is getting resurrected. And you know what? I'm here for it. 2021 kinda sucks, so why not indulge in some early 2000s nostalgia? While remakes and reboots are fun and all, how about diving into the real time capsules and classic gems waiting to be rediscovered on YouTube? For example, this student-made video from 2004 that features Centennial High School's anime club, long befor…
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Everyone Makes Fun Of Weebs

funny, funny memes, anime, weeb, lol | muscular men shaking hands people who watch anime people who don't watch anime Making fun of anime
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32 Anime Memes For Otakus, Weebs, And Casual Fans

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Caption that reads, "Where the f*ck is this thing taking me" above a pic of the inside of an elevator; screen reads, "UwU"
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Damn, This Is A Toughie

Funny meme about weeaboos anime lovers and vegans meat is murder.

Sugoi desu ne

Caption that reads, "History teacher mentions Japan; Weebs: ..." above a still of a guy from a TV show saying, "I like where this is going"
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17 Fresh Memes Of The Dankest Variety

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